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Down along the old River Road in South Louisiana, there is a small town called Smoke Bend.  It was here that the Veron family got started in the Meat Business.  In 1919, Dyer Veron began slaughtering hogs in the back yard of his home.  All of his children would help in the "Boucherie".   They would ride in the family wagon being pulled by their mule out into the surrounding country side to buy the hogs from the people. 

Afterwards, they would put the roasts, sausage, boudin and other meat products into a galvanized tub packed with ice.  They would ride the wagon back out into the country, ringing the bell to signal that the meat wagon was coming. 

During that era, the wagon was also used as the school bus for the children in Smoke Bend.  As the business grew, the wagon was not always available when needed for deliveries, so a small building was built out by the road and this became the first "Veron's Meat Market".


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