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Welcome to Veron's "Cajun" Meat Market
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Welcome to Veron's "Cajun" Meat Market's Products List page
This page includes a list of the products that are available in our store or by special order. 
Click on one of the categories below to go straight to a summary of that product category, or you can click on a link on the left for even more detailed information. 

Choice to Prime Quality Steaks
Cajun Specialties
Cajun Delights
Cooked "Ready to Eat" Specialties 
Veron's Homemade Sausages & Hickory Smoked Items
Veron's Specialty Meats

High Choice to Prime Grade Quality Steaks - Aged and custom cut to your specifications

bulletFilet Mignon
bulletTop Sirloin
bulletNew York Strip

Cajun Specialties - All made fresh daily on site

bulletDeboned Stuffed Chicken
bulletJalapeno cornbread
bulletCrawfish jambalaya
bulletShrimp and sausage jambalaya
bulletCajun dirty rice
bulletWild rice pecan
bulletBoneless Stuffed Chicken Breast
bulletSpinach/cream cheese
bulletVeron's pork sausage
bulletMonterey Jack/green chilies
bulletMonterey Jack/jalapeno pepper
bulletRolled Stuffed Chicken Filet
bulletCrawfish stuffing
bulletCrabmeat stuffing

Cajun Delights - Family recipes from the old days

bulletVeron's Cajun Seasoning
bulletHead Cheese
bulletCajun Dirty Rice Mix
bulletCrawfish Pie
bulletMushrooms stuffed with crabmeat
bulletJalapeno stuffed with crabmeat
bulletJalapeno stuffed with sausage/cream cheese

Cooked "Ready to Eat" Specialties - Authentic Cajun cooking at its best

bulletCrawfish Etouffee
bulletChicken / Sausage Gumbo
bulletRed Beans and Sausage
bulletStuffed Potatoes

Hickory Smoked Sausages - Old fashioned smokehouse taste

bulletPork Sausage
bulletHalf & Half Sausage
bulletVenison & Pork Sausage
bulletCrawfish Sausage

Veron's Homemade Fresh Sausages - Like my grandfather made in the old days

bulletCountry Style (pork)
bulletHot Country Style (pork)
bulletSweet Italian (pork)
bulletGreen onion (pork)
bulletGarlic (pork)

Veron's Specialty Meats - The Cajun touch that brings out the best in meats

bulletStuffed Pork Chops
bulletBoneless, Stuffed Pork Loin Roast
bulletChuck Roast, Rolled and Stuffed
bulletStuffed Brisket
bulletMeat Loaf Mix
bulletShish-K-Bobs - Chicken or Beef
bulletFried Turkey
bulletChicken Meat Loaf


Give us a call at 281-812-4181, send an e-mail to info@veronsmeatmarket.com, or come by our store.
We're located at: 8059 FM 1960 E., (Atascocita) Humble, TX 77346.
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