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This is one of my favorite ever machines, so don't forget to smash that like & subscribe button for more just.
Brick Stuff builds an moc, custom LEGO vending machine to minifigure scale. Follow the tutorial to create your.
How to make a lego slot machine that works. Kristian Nied. Loading... Unsubscribe from Kristian Nied? Cancel.

lego slot machine [fully mechanically] "Red wins"

Watch this video to learn how to build a working slot machine, based on a random number generator, in your Minecraft map. Luck be a mob tonight. Part 1 of 2�...
Fully operational Mindstorms Slot Machine with hold feature. Uses Minifigs as symbols and Dacta 7's as the.
A working money operated Krispy Kream vending machine made of LEGO. You insert two quarters (50c) to purchase a doughnut. Other coins are rejected to the�...
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This is a model of an arcade claw machine. It consists of a slot for money, a prize chute and many prizes. I built the model because I enjoy playing claw machines and had not seen one made of Lego before.. Working Arcade Machines�...
Lego Mindstorms slot machine robot, built with leJOS & Java. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage�...
Slot lego. We're constantly adding new slot games to our more than 160 free online slot machines to keep you both engaged and challenged.. Operating all over the world, including the Ruby Fortune casino Canada and�...

starburst-pokieGitHub - Munkkeli/Lego-EV3-Slot-Machine: Lego Mindstorms slot machine robot, built with leJOS & Java Working lego slot machine

403 Forbidden Working lego slot machine

A full size fully functional slot machine using two NXT computers. The machine is built 100% from Lego parts.
Learn how to build this cool Lego vending machine that dispenses two types of drink at the push of a button.
If YouTube's AstonishingStudios was ever able to convince Lego to turn. Their latest creation is a Burger King vending machine that serves up�...

Working lego slot machinecasinobonus

working lego slot machine Working Lego pinball machine built 15,000 bricks Hacker News 232 points by Wow.
That is truly impressive work of art and engineering.
I recently dove back into building a LEGO Technic model, 25 years after last building anything in LEGO.
It was such a joy and pleasure, and so relaxing to just sit and build while listening working lego slot machine an audiobook.
I highly recommend it to others, who like me, have a hard time relaxing.
I'm going to have to try this, and do it old-school.
Just sit on the carpet with the LEGO set in the box and go more info town.
Thanks for the tip, I still have all my old bricks neatly categorized in a large container.
Sometimes they stop and play something else and I continue to build stuff : it is great way to relax and spend time with your kids Nice.
Two of my old fetishes rolled into one.
And it does seem to play at least working lego slot machine somewhat decent game of pinball as well.
For pure pinball design, the legas dampen the thrash and clang that metal and hard plastic have.
But that's obviously not the point of the project which is impressive in so many ways!
My seven year old daughter is a lego fanatic, showed this to her this morning and her eyes glowed.
Really fantastic job building this.
Same here, I showed her the web site, and now she wants to submit her creation.
It's fascinating to see her building a dream house and working lego slot machine see how she wants to have it.
Last time she put a pool close to her bed in her bedroom :- She isn't a true lego nerd until we hear her opinion on snot.
That's big thing in the lego community.
Now this is what I come to HN for.
The video is really worth watching.
This work combines design, engineering, execution, and taste to elevate it to a truly great accomplishment.
At Singularity time "Super AI" will provide us everything people will need for living.
Automated food production, all that.
Human will be excluded from production chain.
Communism will come, want we it or not.
And so what 10 billion of us will be doing?
Constructing pinball machines from Lego.
I'll never understand the fascination with Legos.
The obvious one here is the Mindstorms, but even when I was growing up I enjoyed the air hydraulic system and the electric powertrain.
Meanwhile, the metal is interesting if you need the strength, but otherwise, what's the advantage?
The Gilbert had an electric motor with various power takeoffs.
There's no doubt that Lego, with their immense popularity, has every imaginable add-on.
But to me, snapping brightly colored plastic bricks together with plastic wheels just makes plastic toys.
It doesn't tickle my engineering sensibilities, while screwing together girders and brackets and metal pulleys produce things that look and behave like machines.
Granted, putting the tiny nuts on the tiny bolts could be difficult for young hands, but I got very good at it.
I don't think that creating machines out of metal is inherently "more real engineering" than creating them out of plastic - both are more-or-less irrelevant to engineering as a discipline, and it seems that people can build things of rather incredible complexity in Lego.
Perhaps early familiarity with screws and whatnot might make building shelves a bit easier, but.
If that's the case, your entire learning environment from ages 2 to 25 has failed to provide you with the tools to understand how to gain knowledge, and whether you were provided with Lego or Meccano isn't going to help you cope with life.
My reply isn't connected to benefits and disadvantages of Lego vs other construction toys.
I'm pretty sure that most working lego slot machine all!
HN users don't know how to correctly use different types of screw driver.
And we haven't got to "advanced" stuff like choice of types of washers and locking mechanisms.
The blade has to be held in the slot without slipping out, a normal force applied along with a twisting one.
After a while one learns to spin the screwdriver with the fingers while keeping it in the slot.
Not to mention the feel of getting the tiny nut threaded on to begin with.
It takes the kids a while, and they get frustrated.
Legos have the appeal that such skills are not necessary.
That sure escalated quickly :- The constraints of a medium working lego slot machine often the appeal.
Not to mention, a quick glance over Gilbert stuff and it strikes me as utterly charmless.
The global and universal appeal of Lego is clear in comparison.
It just falls flat working lego slot machine me.
I'd happily decorate my office with In legal california pokerstars is constructions like the pictures linked, but never Lego ones.
Oh, man, a 28!
I used to take that tram to school.
I'm not trying to "show you wrong" or anything like that unlike the idiots who downvoted you I have no problem with your preference for Erectorbut curiously, the real thing is colorful and mostly made of wood, not metal : I love clanky, rattling, screeching, grinding old streetcars, too!
I've put together many Lego sets over the years for others who were a bit too young for them, and found them tedious and the results something I'd prefer to discard.
A spaceship that looks like a stack of bricks is not appealing, and they'd just fall apart when the kids would try to play with them.
Wish I still had them.
You're overlooking the Technic sets, which let you build real machiney machines.
Plastic machines, yes, but working ones; in addition to the motorized vehicles and such often with things like working gearboxesback in the 80s, there was a Mindstorms predecessor that let you connect Lego sensors and motors to a box that was controlled by an Apple II computer and write programs in a Logo dialect.
The word "Mindstorms" comes from Seymour Papert, who collaborated with Lego.
Enterprising kids built working, computer-controlled pen plotters, model cranes, mechanical arms, even a replica of the original Logo "turtle" a wheeled robot with a retractable pen that drew on paper on the floor.
There's like a huge ecosystem for this stuff, and it all interoperates seamlessly with the normal brick Lego pieces.
I see Lego and Meccano as optimizing for different variables: Meccano for verisimilitude, and Lego for ease read more assembly and reconfiguration.
And do the mechanisms shown in the linked article not tickle your engineering sensibilities?
Because they're made of plastic?
Take a look on YouTube for LEGO GBC great ball contraption and you'll see the engineering that goes into some LEGO constructions.
Yes, but more than that.
It's the bright colors and the toyish appearance that is just off-putting.
For comparison, take a tour through the Deutsches Museum in Munich at the industrial machinery on display.
Many look like steampunk contraptions, and Gilbert echoes that look.
None of them look like Legos.
So it's merely an aesthetic objection you have, as opposed to any real engineering merits LEGO may or may not have?
That's fair, you're entitled to your opinion, though I find it to be pretty shallow view to take on the subject of engineering.
It doesn't conform to your cultural views of what "real" engineering is versus mere "toys.
There is a bit more to it.
One quickly learns the basics of triangular truss construction with Gilbert otherwise your structure folds upwhile one pretty much only learns to interlock the bricks with Lego.
Bricks neither look nor behave much like machine parts.
A locomotive that looks like a stack of bricks doesn't aesthetically appeal to me.
The primary colors of the bricks don't help.
While the individual parts may resemble bricks, I can assure large LEGO constructions click the following article aren't just sculptures are not merely stacks of bricks.
I would not call this a mere stack of bricks: Lego sets are still almost entirely bricks or bricklike pieces.
Still look like bricks, too.
Another point is any semi-competent person can fabricate additions to the Gilbert sets with simple tools.
Making things that hook up to bricks?
You're stuck with what ever Lego makes.
Lego is a closed universe, a walled garden.
Eh, that I can't agree with.
Bolts and nuts work pretty well on the holes of Click at this page parts e.
Plus the LEGO pieces "grab" pretty well, so if you build tightly around the other part, they become well attached.
And there's also string, of course.
I remember combining my LEGO builds with other stuff without much difficulty.
Have you ever built a moderately complex piece with LEGO?
Or are you just dismissing LEGO for being "brightly coloured" and therefore not engineer-y enough as "metal nuts and bolts" for the sake of being made of metal?
Yes - a couple of the more expensive Star Wars sets and some others.
It was never long before they disintegrated back into bricks and rubble.
I was thinking specifically of Technic pieces, and by "build" I meant design and build it yourself, not build a set.
I working lego slot machine you'll find that to be quite the engineering feat, to build something moderately complex. working lego slot machine working lego slot machine working lego slot machine working lego slot machine working lego slot machine working lego slot machine

Lego slot machine

Mechanical Slot Machine – Nico71's Technic Creations Working lego slot machine

GitHub - Munkkeli/Lego-EV3-Slot-Machine: Lego Mindstorms slot machine robot, built with leJOS & Java Working lego slot machine

SUPPORT our M&M's Dispenser on LEGO Ideas: or Watch the Original Dispenser:�...
If YouTube's AstonishingStudios was ever able to convince Lego to turn. Their latest creation is a Burger King vending machine that serves up�...
My lego creations for sale on mochub : More at :


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