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Shaun Deeb aka shaundeeb on Pokerstars - See shaundeeb's player profile to. The recent name-change initiative at partypoker has led to some interesting ...
03-Dec-2018, PokerStars, High Roller Club: $530 Daily Supersonic [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $75K Gtd, 8th, $3,435. 03-Dec-2018, PokerStars, High Roller Club: ...
A first ballot online poker hall of famer, the Deeb of the late 2000s was a young grinder able to out-volume everyone, and outplay them at the ...

Jaime Staples vs. Shaun Deeb - POKER BIANGLE part 1

Shaun Deeb is an American professional poker player and one of the most winning players in online tournament history.Shaun Deeb was born on March 1, ...
PokerStars, the biggest and most trusted name in online poker, has.. in a ladies event and the beef between Shaun Deeb and Bryn Kenney, ...
Shaun Deeb, 26, won his fifth (4 this year and 1 last year) Spring Championship of Online Poker event early yesterday morning! The win of ...
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Shaun Deeb and Daniel Negreanu will likely continue to battle it out for. very familiar names up next on the leaderboard - Shaun Deeb and. This included small buy-in online tournaments and $100,000 High Roller events.
Deeb didn't have to wait as long for the second, as he won event No. 28 in this fall's PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) ...
There were plenty of familiar names who would take their bit of cash from. defending WSOP POY Shaun Deeb and 2019 WSOP Europe Main ...

starburst-pokieSHAUN DEEB VS. ELI ELEZRA | Fun Shaun deeb online poker name

Nolan Dalla, Shaun Deeb, Chris Hanson, others from PokerNightInAmerica called out by female pro Shaun deeb online poker name

Shaun Deeb, a poker professional from the United States, recently. By winning this event, Deeb has not only made a name for himself but has ...
shaundeeb. Members. About shaundeeb. Rank. Profile. Real name. shaun deeb. Screen names. pokerstars ...
03-Dec-2018, PokerStars, High Roller Club: $530 Daily Supersonic [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $75K Gtd, 8th, $3,435. 03-Dec-2018, PokerStars, High Roller Club: ...

Shaun deeb online poker namecasinobonus

shaun deeb online poker name The following is a blog posting from female poker player Dr Jacklynn Moskow.
The charges are pretty damning including Deeb making misogynist comments to Moskow as well as blatant anti-Semitism on parts of PKIA staff including apparently Nolan Dalla.
I replied to the tweet originally taggin Deeb, Dalla and PKIA to respond to the accusations.
Doubt they will bother and think they can just make this go away.
Further in the blog you will see several other female confirmed the accusations and the misogyny etc going on.
Until now, I have remained publicly silent about the reality of my overall experience on the show, but, most specifically, with the production team.
Now, however, I am no longer comfortable sitting idle and covering up what I believe to be abhorrent and inexcusable behavior.
That November, I arrived in Pittsburgh with the misconception that I had been invited to play on the show by creative director Nolan Dalla because of my background in poker, which seemed obvious: the entirety of my income over the last three years has come from playing cash games full time.
The first night there, I attended a cast outing at a bar near the casino where they were filming pre-game interviews.
What, does Nolan have a thing for you?
Anderson went on to explain that he thought I would be appearing in an upcoming ladies only show, filming at Hard Rock in Florida, but that he had no idea I was coming to Pittsburgh.
This made no sense to me: for over a month my name and photo had been widely circulated on internet promotional releases associated with the Pittsburgh tapings.
As I perceived Anderson was anything but welcoming, I decided to walk away and speak with other people at the bar.
Outside of my experience with Anderson, it seemed as if the rest of the crew was comprised of genuinely nice people and so I expressed this sentiment to Hanson.
Every other show on TV has Jews.
I know very distinctly the difference between someone making a joke about Judaism I make them all the time myself and comments that are said from a place of pure hate; there was nothing about what Hanson said, nor his tone, as I perceived it, to indicate he was doing anything other than expressing his genuine feelings, unknowingly to a Jewish individual.
My trip to Pittsburgh was off to a wonderful start.
Anderson rolled his eyes when he saw me and said I could play only until Gavin Smith, who was going to be late, showed up.
I sat down and played for about thirty minutes, then was asked to get up.
Anderson suggested I leave the premises of the taping and said that someone would call me if a seat opened up.
I decided to stay: I had flown to Pittsburgh at my own expense with the expectation of playing poker and intended to do so.
As a side note, I was correct in thinking that staying in the room was the only way I was going to get a seat: when one finally opened up, someone at the table texted another cast member to hurry back into the room before I sat down.
Soon after I had sat back down to play, Anderson stormed onto the set, incredibly irate, and demanded I remove the patch.
He pulled me out of the game and yelled at me in front of the cast, crew, and live audience.
I tried my best appear calm and unaffected, but internally I was focused on anything but the game.
I was allowed to play for only two of the eight hours of taping.
I naively believed him.
So, with filming wrapped, I was invited by Chris Capra, representative from 888poker.
Although the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time with these people, Capra had mentioned the possibility of his company sponsoring me, as they do Jessica Dawley, so I felt I had to attend anything he invited me to for the sake of that potential opportunity.
Not wanting to be at the bar and extremely disappointed about my entire experience in Pittsburgh, I decided I was going to confront several individuals.
I proceeded to let him know that I am Jewish myself.
After approaching Hanson, I decided Dalla was next.
I have wanted to do this for a long time.
Capra witnessed this event while cheering on Dalla, along with a long-haired crew member named Mike.
My significant other at the time had accompanied me to Pittsburgh and was on the other side of the room during all of this.
I know because I have had one for many years.
We both agreed we needed to leave and said our goodbyes to a handful of people.
Usually I have strong opinions about Jews and Israel, but somehow the fact that you are Jewish makes you even hotter.
That night on my way back upstairs to my hotel room I passed Shaun Deeb.
Yes, the same Shaun Deeb who mockingly dressed up as a woman and played in the ladies event at the World Series of Poker.
He was discussing a neighborhood that he had visited for a meal with an African American man who was working at the front desk.
I was already incredibly upset about are players paradise casino online very I was treated by Anderson, how I was forced to endure anti-Semitic comments by Hanson and Dalla, and how I was publicly groped by Dalla, but now I was being cut from all of the Florida tapings.
Within a few days of being cut from the show, and after a series of Emails and texts, I was told I could play in Florida again by Capra.
Is she really hot or something?
Take a look at shaun deeb online poker name recurring cast of men who appear on the show and ask yourself that very question.
While playing, I looked across the table and saw a man who had grabbed my ass at the bar in Pittsburgh.
I had not known then that he was a cameraman for the show: when it had happened, I thought he was a random Pittsburgh local.
I was then aware that there were two people in the room who had inappropriately groped me, both working for the show.
The game was to tape for eight hours with a dinner break at the halfway point.
There were nine women in the game and three alternates on site.
We were told that the alternates would only play if we busted out of the game and did not rebuy.
The first alternate gained a seat after a player was stacked twice and chose not to buy in a third time.
I saw Dalla and Anderson whispering off set and looking at me; I got the trucos casinostar feeling that they were going to give my seat away and kick me off the show yet again without warning.
Between this and the sighting of the cameraman the ass grabberI was completely distracted and had an incredibly hard time focusing on the game.
When the third alternate wanted a seat they had the ladies in the game play a hand blindly.
The winner got a little over 2K in article source for her seat.
I was the only player who got kicked out of the game when I wanted to keep playing without compensation.
In the aftermath, I did several interviews about the show, but decided not to speak negatively about my experience even though I was well aware that what occurred was outrageous and beyond inappropriate.
I even found myself making excuses for things such as why Anderson kicked me off the show.
Why did I do this?
Why did I stay silent about what had occurred?
Why was I protecting them?
I did this in part, because I was embarrassed.
Additionally, I did this because I was afraid of how the show would edit the footage of me or retaliate in some other way.
Dalla has been a huge name in the poker world for several decades and is extremely well connected.
Additionally, when I play online I use Bovada which does not display screen names and am thus anonymous in the internet poker world as well.
click here Tilly attended the same Pittsburgh tapings I attended and Dalla would never have done to her what he did to me.
I sat with everything that had occurred at Poker Night eating away at me for over a solid year, reminded of it every time I heard an episode was airing, every time I read a discussion online about the treatment and shortage of women in poker, or anytime anyone asked me about my appearance on the show.
I had behaved professionally.
In my opinion, it was the employees of the show who did not.
Just knowing that the crew was back in town was so disturbing to me that I refused to even show up at Hard Rock at all the cardroom I was playing the most hours in during this period.
It was at this point I realized staying quiet about what happened was affecting me more than it had ever before.
I was contacted by many of the women who played previously, and also some male players, all asking if I would be playing again.
It felt like retaliation for events that were perpetrated upon me, none of which were my fault, but, rather, the fault of employees of the show.
Why should I miss out on opportunities in the industry because Dalla is a sexist pervert, Dalla and Hanson are anti-Semites, and Anderson and Capra condone their unprofessional behavior by knowing about it and doing nothing?
At this point I made it clear to the show that I would no longer stay quiet.
An investigation then began by Human Resources for Rush Street Gaming and a man named Marco Leal.
I turned down both offers.
I let them know that no amount of appearances would be worth my future association with their show.
I informed Leal that I had never signed a release with Poker Night to begin with and that I would like all recordings of me removed from the internet.
He asked me to send him links of everywhere the footage remained and promised to remove them all.
When I questioned Leal about this, he informed me that Dalla said I was making absolutely everything up, now, over a year later.
In fact, I emphatically encouraged him to obtain the records.
In my possession, I still had a physical iPhone with these messages attached to his cell phone number and let Leal know he was free to take a look at that, as well.
Also, I informed Leal that I had told fellow female poker players Danielle Anderson and Lauren Billings about my experience right after it occurred and that Danielle had even made reference to it in this interview: Leal told me that he illegal africa in gambling online south going to authenticate the text messages, look at my Email from the days after the Pittsburgh filming, speak to Lauren and Danielle, and get back to me.
I never, at any point in time, accepted this offer.
This letter also informed me that Poker Night would not be removing any footage of me from the internet.
The attorney then gave me an extended deadline to accept their money.
I purposely let this deadline pass, instead choosing to tell my story publicly.
I turned down the money because I decided my story was far more important than money.
I decided that compromising my integrity did not have a price tag and that my silence could not be bought.
On March 14th, a female poker player who knew about what Dalla did to me, sent me this video in which Dalla urges women who have been harassed in the poker industry to come forward with their stories and call out the perpetrators:.
The video was so disgustingly hypocritical that I took to Twitter that same day and announced that I would be telling this story.
To me, it seems that the release of this video was his pre-emptive attempt at damage control.
It was suggested to me that I provide pieces of evidence within this post texts, emails, legal letters, etc and I have decided not to, as I will first give all parties involved the opportunity to come forward, apologize, and acknowledge that my account of these events is in fact accurate.
Should any parties publicly proclaim that I am being dishonest, I will then release relevant documents.
One female poker player has already apologized to me for not being able to promote this blog post once it goes live.
She said she is afraid that if she does it will damage her relationship with various entities related to her poker career.
Can I blame her?
Certainly not, as shaun deeb online poker name was a similar sort of fear that kept me quiet about my experience for well over a year.
That being said, I am clearly no longer afraid of any consequences related to coming forward with this story, and am not, in the least, concerned with any potential repercussions or bad press I may endure.
I got to know both Tom Schneider and Greg Mueller while in Pittsburgh and think very highly of both of them.
Matt Glantz, David Baker, Jennifer Tilly, Gavin Smith, and Online los mejores Hellmuth were also all in attendance at this taping and none of them have ever done wrong by me.
It is my understanding that everyone I have listed above knew nothing about what occurred until recently, if at all.
So, Dalla, in your interview with Matt Savage you said it was incumbent upon those being mistreated to call out their harassers.
Every other show on TV has Jews.
I also thought he was part of the production team.
I'll post reply ASAP, showing how accuser BEGGED to be on show and when denied goes batshit" I think she is full of shit.
A lot of Jews play the antisemitism card when things don't go their way.
One of the partners of the show, Matt Glantz, is a Jew:.
And then after the horrible experience she had during the 1st taping, she took another trip for a 2nd taping?
I was deeply saddened and troubled by the charges.
That's because I do take matters of harassment and racism very seriously and have fought most of my life against those evils.
If the just click for source were in ANY way true, I would be the first to take personal responsibility and apologize for those actions.
If they were true, in ANY fashion, I would also apologize to Ms.
However, since they are NOT true, not true in any way whatsoever, I see no reason to apologize.
However, given the serious weight of the accusations, I do feel it appropriate to address the charges here in public, one by one.
If you are looking for cliff notes, you might want to skip the rest of the narrative.
Moskow emailed me privately and asked to come on the show, which was being filmed at various casino stops around the country.
Things were left pretty much at that until the 2014 WSOP shaun deeb online poker name two years ago where Ms.
Moskow came up to me and introduced herself to me in person at the Rio.
We chatted and agreed to stay in touch, particularly regarding her coming on the show at an upcoming stop.
Several months later, the PNiA crew went to Pittsburgh to film at The Rivers.
This seemed like the perfect fit for her to appear on PNiA.
She was issued an invitation by me to come to Pittsburgh and we agreed to have her play as much as time would allow.
Like with all players who come on the show, we can't make guarantees because shaun deeb online poker name game is so unpredictable.
I would be glad to share them with all media upon request -- e-mail me at:.
In the interest of brevity, I will not list them all here.
We finally arrived in Pittsburgh in Nov.
During our time on the set, I do remember specifically going out of my way to make sure Ms.
Moscow felt welcomed on the show.
I try to do this with all the players.
We interviewed her in front of the cameras and asked about her personal and poker background.
We gave her every opportunity to do well and shine as a player and personality.
Unfortunately, she did not do well in the game, and ended up losing money.
I do not recall the amounts.
After the cash game filming one night, the players and crew went to a local tavern, in erlaubt sind deutschland online casinos was walking distance between the casino and the hotel where many of the players were staying.
This is the location where some of the ALLEGED incidents took place, at least the past with me where I was supposedly involved.
Okay, more than a few.
But the horrific allegations made by Ms.
With all due respect to Ms.
But I can stand by my 25 years in poker and my experience with hundreds of female poker players, perhaps thousands over the years, which has been always conducted professionally.
While inside the tavern, we were surrounded by dozens of people and nothing that took place was out of the ordinary according to me or anyone I saw that night.
Like any bar, I am sure some drinking went on and people had fun.
Moreover, that same evening I proposed a toast to a staff member who had died the previous month his name was Joe Sartori.
We all took a moment of silence to raise our glasses and remember Joe, which was beautiful.
Anyone who was at the bar that night should remember the entire point of the toast was to remember Joe.
Yet somehow, now I read Ms.
This is simply not true and there was an entire room full of people who remember that we toasted Joe.
Moscow would take a solemn moment to somehow believe the toast or the remarks had anything to do with her.
After we left Pittsburgh, I heard nothing about anything that had allegedly happened in the tavern that night.
Not from anyone on staff.
Not from any of the perhaps 20-30 people who were there.
NO ONE said I was out of line or asked me about making sexist or anti-Semitic remarks.
No one called me out or noted that I had misbehaved in any manner.
Soon after we left Pittsburgh, Todd Anderson and I talked as we always did after TV shootings.
We were planning the lineup for an event a few weeks later at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL.
So, I sent Ms.
Moskow the following e-mail:.
From: Nolan Dalla Date: Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 12:34 PM Subject: Re: tomorrow To: "Dr.
Moskow"Todd Anderson Hi Jaclynn: It was nice seeing you in Pittsburgh.
I'm sorry things didn't go as well as we hoped.
It's very unusual for players NOT to bust out, but we had so few people go broke that it meant less time for the alternate players, including yourself.
Still, I'm glad you got some face time on the table.
I'm sorry to inform you that we are now way overbooked for Florida.
It's simply not going to be possible to have you on the show.
The response has been beyond what we can absorb, since we can only invite about a dozen or so players for each event.
So, given there are so many personalities in Florida already with reservations to play, we have to make some tough decisions.
I hope you'll understand this isn't personal at all, nor any reflection on your talent as a poker pro.
It's simply a television decision which is necessary based on a nice problem for us to have -- which is more and more people wanting to play and be on the show.
Thank you again for coming to Pittsburgh.
I'm sure we'll be seeing each other down the road.
I thought this was a polite but also a clear explanation that Ms.
Yet somehow, when the event took place a few weeks later, Ms.
Moskow showed up and to my surprise was seated at the table.
Again, all this took place about 18 months ago -- I do not recall how exactly she ended up in the cash game.
I might have not been there in the first hour when players were seated.
I can't remember every detail about every show we film.
Moskow was eager here be there with us again despite the alleged harassment.
She played again, and unfortunately things did not go well for her.
I did some announcing that day on the set and remember she did play in the game during a portion when I was at table side.
However, I certainly do not recall any incident with any of the staff or Chris Hanson, or anyone else which was part of her charges.
Certainly, Chris Hanson is about as nice and honest a decent a person as I've ever met.
Those charges leveled at him are simply not accurate at to who he is and what he stands for.
We thought that was the last of her at least for a while, but she continued to reach out to us, wanting to come back on the show again.
In the next few months, Ms.
Moskow sent some e-mails to the staff.
Moskow was troubled that she might look bad in the final edit, and so she was determined to try and get us to show her in the best possible light.
Frankly, I do not disparage this.
We all want to look our best and be respected on national television.
That said, we pretty much agreed by that point that Ms.
Note, there is NO HINT of any incident nor the least hesitation about coming onto PNiA again the future:.
I am in the process of answering some written interview questions about myself and playing on Poker Night and before I voluntarily throw myself and my play under the bus, I wanted to check with you guys regarding what you intend to air.
More specifically, when I spazzed out and played like a clown in a hand vs Jamie Kerstetter in FL and vs.
Hellmuth in Pittsburgh - are those hands likely to air?
I was never asked any questions about those hands during interviews at Poker Night, but if they will soon be on national TV as well as internationally on the Internet, I will address them either in this current interview that I am working on or down the road in another forum like a blog post.
Thanks for any guidance on this and thanks again for the opportunity to play on your show.
Despite all the confusion and miscommunication surrounding my involvement, I hope it ends up being positive for you.
I understand if you don't know yet about the footage, but I heard the female episodes start airing in less than a month, so I figured you may have an idea soon.
It's very puzzling that ALL Ms.
MosKow seems to be concerned with in this and every other email is her image on TV -- NOTHING about incidents in a bar in Pittsburgh or being accosted by staff in Florida.
And so, nearly a year passed.
In early December 2015 six months agothat's when I first heard allegations that were being made by Ms.
MosKow, not only against me, but also against colleagues and some other players.
At that time, her plea to 888.
It has affected me personally and professionally.
I deserve to be compensated for what I endured while taping the show - for the groping, the sexual harassment, the anti-Semitic remarks, etc.
This type of resolution would have to happen quickly, as I have no interest in dragging this out any longer.
Please let me know as soon as possible whether you are interested in discussing a settlement so that I can proceed accordingly.
Moscow wanted to come back on PNiA -- REPEATEDLY -- was denied the opportunity, a full year passed, and then she decided to contact 888poker, which had paid her a small stipend to wear a patch on one of the shows at one time.
To the best of my knowledge, 888poker ignored the shakedown.
I paid this e-mail and the matter no attention whatsoever, since the smoking gun here was obviously a way to receive compensation.
Sometime in March 2016, unbeknownst to me, Rush Street Gaming offered Ms.
Moscow some kind of settlement.
I am truly sorry for that disappointment.
No one likes to see someone having their dreams or ambitions crushed, and despite these horrible things that were said about me, I do feel sorry that Ms.
Moscow believes she had a bad experience on the show.
Yet, at least 150 other people, pros and amateurs alike, have appeared on the show, and most have had a blast.
This includes dozens of female players.
In fact, I made certain that PNiA disproportionally went out of its way to give female players a chance to shine in the cash games.
Ask anyone who has appeared on the show, and I would be shocked if anyone has the same recollections or experiences as Ms.
On a personal level, I am very hurt by this.
It's just wrong to have to face such nonsense.
Over the years, I have gone out of my way to reach out and help people when I could, to no benefit of my own, and tried to be as fair as possible.
In my 25 years in this business, I have developed what I think is a just click for source reputation as a good person and someone who promotes and respects women, both at the table and in social situations.
In the past, my personal writings at my website make me an inviting target.
I realize my tact and taste in content and language does not suit everyone.
I can piss off a lot of people with my opinions.
Yet despite writing some crazy things, at times, I have consistently upheld certain principles about fairness and equality for all.
But sexism nor anti-Semitism are not among them.
The allegations as I read them are simply not reflective of reality.
They do not reflect me or my character.
And, they are not representative of my colleagues.
I realize that we live in a scandal-plagued society and that ugly pity, usa online casinos accepting mastercard something makes for daily entertainment.
Yes, sexism and misogyny and anti-Semitism ARE real problems in the world.
They might even be problems in poker, to some extent.
However, I hope I can call upon those know know my character please click for source 25 years in this business and call upon those who were there at the various tapings to consider all sides of what happened.
I hope this will give some measure of explanation for the course of events which were described by Ms.
Moskow claims I was thrown out of the Bellagio in 2009 for something to do with a cocktail waitress.
This is utterly preposterous.
I initially responded to that allegation on social media because it was so absurd, that it DOES call into serious question the remainder of her outlandish claims.
Again, there is no evidence nor did any incident EVER took place at the Bellagio or any other casino where I have been removed or asked to leave the premisis.
This is just made up garbage, like the rest of the content in her post.
Just as the Bellagio claim is false, this too comes out of nowhere with no basis.
Moskow seems to be insinuating I'm anti-Black, another false charge disproven by years of writings and deeds to the contrary.
Yes, Nolan Dalla probably motorboated those titties.
Another Jewish female poker player with a lot of variance.
I don't find her attractive at all in the above pic, yet she looks pretty good in this one: Comments I don't like Vanessa's charming i slot online malaysia remarkable />Questioning the credibility of odd stories is fine.
Women are owed a voice to confront their accusers, but that also gives the public the right to question details which don't add up or to ask for proof which the victim claims to be holding back.
They just didn't list the losers.
I'll post my take of this but Shaun deeb online poker name will listen to Jaclynn's interview on Friday with ChicagoJoey.
Jaclynn Moskow heard about this show and as an upcoming female in cash she wanted to get her name out there.
Moskow emailed to be on the show and Nolan Dalla tried to help her out as he claims.
Once she played on the show they realized how boring she was for the game.
link caught a short amount of a show with her that I believe aired on twitch maybe 30 minutes and she seemed boring for television.
By that I mean she wasn't splashing around in many pots or talking very much.
You need to have one or both of these qualities for a televised cash game otherwise they don't want you on it unless you are in an elite category of players.
Replacing a player or several at the dinner break is very common on this show so they thought it was time to give her spot to another person.
Perhaps her replacement was older and less to look at but she might be better for the game so they went with her.
Their are a few guys I've heard in the past that TV shows don't want on their TV poker program due to them being too nitty or having no personality so this isn't a thing towards females.
Jaclynn wanted fame so badly and was very pissed that in her short sample of play she lost money or missed opportunities to make some.
She also was uncomfortable with the way she played a few hands and thought it would hurt her in the future for whatever reason it might be.
Moskow wanted back on the show again and they likely ignored her for a while.
She was so desperate that she showed up at a TV airing they didn't invite her to hoping she could be on the show.
Most likely she fabricated some story to get on which a lot of people who show up on this program are fill ins that are in the area for the tournament event that is going on that weekend.
Some will play it if they don't run deep in the mtt but others do show up exclusively for the cash game.
Perhaps something was said by someone on the production team or she heard stories in the past and just decided to roll with them.
I wouldn't be surprised if certain things on the set did offend her such as certain jokes but I highly doubt Dalla was motorboating or motorboarding as he said it them titties.
It is possible people on the staff talked about her rack though either to her face or she overheard it.
PNIA wanted nothing more to do with Moskow and she probably tried to extort them for money for over a year with no luck of getting what she felt was fair so she decided to bring this public.
Her story likely contains some facts and mostly over exaggerations of what went on.
When a female sits with a table full of guys who drop guy humor a female could take it personally where they don't feel disgusted not to be there if the conversation goes too far.
Perhaps something like this happened and maybe it's even recorded on the tapes but the key here is if she is lying about the motorboating, any ass grabbing,etc.
If all that didn't happen then the rest of her story looks like total bullshit.
In end she is probably just really bitter about how the show would make her come off and the fact they didn't want her on it anymore.
If it worked out where she became a regular then perhaps this story with all it's truths, half truths, and lies never comes to light.
I do think somewhere along the way she felt she had a case to hold something against the show to extort money from them for whatever "really happened" but her claims are so wild that I'm not sure anyone out there will believe everything she is saying to be truthful.
I think most of what BeerAndPoker said above is correct.
His take on the events is probably fairly close to the truth.
One of my biggest problems with Jaclynn's complaints is the fact that there are too many villains in the story.
She had so many SEPARATE negative interactions with different people, all of whom supposedly treated her poorly for no reason, and some of whom acted out of character.
For example, Chris Hanson supposedly remarked to her not knowing she was Jewish that Poker Night in America is "different because we don't have Jews on here.
But second, even if Hanson was a raging anti-Semite, it is unlikely he would share this opinion with a stranger he just met.
How come we don't have any other stories of Hanson bashing Jews to relative strangers?
Then we have Shaun Deeb who supposedly bashed women out of the blue, while talking to Jaclynn.
Then we have Nolan Dalla who supposedly motorboated her breasts out of the blue, without permission or any warning that he would do so.
Then we have Todd Anderson who was supposedly hostile to her from the start.
Most of these people allegedly committed these offenses within MINUTES of meeting her.
Why does it seem that everyone who comes into contact with Jaclynn Moskow is so awful?
I can understand if she was claiming that this was a group bullying sort of thing, but she's claiming that all of these incidents happened separate from one another, and while she was alone with each of these people with the exception of Dalla's motorboating.
Had she simply accused one person of wrongdoing such as Dalla motorboating herI might be more inclined to believe her claims.
Her story is also a bit doubtful because there seems to be fairly clear evidence that she was obsessed with appearing on more Poker Night in America programs, to the point where she showed up to the Florida taping after being told that she was not invited back.
It also seems likely that she was demanding further paid appearances on the show as "compensation" for the incidents she described in her blog.
That makes her motivations suspect.
Had she simply reported all of this without having a history of using it to get something she wanted, her licensed online poker would have more credibility.
Also, it is peculiar that she was so obsessed with returning to the show to the point of showing up uninvited in Florida after the supposedly humiliating and nasty way she was treated at the Pittsburgh episode.
I do find a few holes in Dalla's version of events.
For example, he does not make it completely clear that he had zero physical contact with her at the bar.
He denies "motorboarding" her, but stops short of saying that they had no physical contact whatsoever, which you would think would be something he would try to get across if that were true.
He also claims she lost while playing on the show's Pittsburgh episode, but the image I posted a few messages above demonstrates she actually won.
While it's possible they simply offered the money because she was a headache and they wanted her to go away, it is hard for me to believe that they didn't consult him along the way since he was a major part of the story and involve him in the entire process.
Companies rarely hand out that type of money without at least corroborating the accuser's story to some degree.
Finally, look at this March 10, 2016 video of Dalla: Something seems off about this.
Seems very forced to me.
I suspect he might have made this video with the help of friend Matt Savage in order to combat a potential lawsuit related to this matter.
The timing of this video is only a few months after she started writing to 888 and demanding things out of them, as a result of Dalla's supposed behavior.
Still, I don't give much weight to this entire story.
Too many longtime-known names in poker acting what seems to be out of character.
There might be small bits of truth in this whole story.
I doubt she made up everything.
However, I think her version of events likely differs a good deal from reality.
I believe she is now taking a "scorched earth" approach to the matter, seeking to bring down anyone who made the decision to keep her off the show.
She claims to have proof that will back up her claims.
It is imperative that she posts this immediately.
Well, Nolan denied it, as did Shaun Deeb.
Time to post the evidence.
It was a crowded bar, so the first thing to do is interview the people at the party.
I suspect the attorney did that before the offer went out so there may be something there.
The rest of the story sounds like exaggerations and hurt feelings.
But she claims to have evidence, so lets see.
It is always amazing how people see the facts so differently when involved in the same event.
The most interesting part of the story, though, is the lengths people will go for a little fame!
Thats the story I want to hear more about, people debasing themselves to get on reality shows.
One of my biggest problems with Jaclynn's complaints is the fact that there are too many villains in the story.
She had so many SEPARATE negative interactions with different people, all of whom supposedly treated her poorly for no reason, and some of whom acted out of character.
This is what is incredibly hard for me to believe that all of these encounters happened over a day or two of playing.
As I said in my previous post I wouldn't be surprised if an weird situation or two occurred that she is embellishing on.
For argument sake let's assume for a minute that 90% of her story is actually true?
I am curious how she is going to prove it to a point where the majority will believe her?
When you get caught up in too many lies in a story even the facts that might have happened that were negative towards her people will question or not even care about because she will have lost all credibility at that point.
Hopefully ChicagoJoey don't softball her all the way through his interview.
I encourage people to tweet at him saying "please ask the tough questions so we can get to the bottom of this".
They just didn't list the losers.
That's only Day 2 results, she could have lost big on Day 1 which would make her a net loser.
Druff so certain that she's a lying cunt.
Here's poker pro Anthony Zinno motorboating Gavin Smith last year.
I find it hard to believe that Nolan Dalla would do this to her in public without there being more to the story.
Also, if you're head-counting the Jews, don't forget Mike Matusow.
Druff so certain that she's a lying cunt.
There is no question she planned to come out with this awhile ago.
She made demands for compensation including future paid appearances on Poker Night in America as far back as November 2015.
This has been brewing for awhile.
Her timing of finally releasing this information to the public might be on purpose to embarrass Nolan around WSOP time, or it could be coincidental.
She planned on coming out with this story over 2 months ago.
Druff so certain that she's a lying cunt.
There is no question she planned to come out with this awhile ago.
She made demands for compensation including future paid appearances on Poker Night in America as far back as November 2015.
This has been brewing for awhile.
Her timing of finally releasing this information to the public might be on purpose to embarrass Nolan around WSOP time, or it could be coincidental.
The video Druff posted earlier in the thread was from March 10th, She posts this cryptic tweet on March 14th.
Not so coincidental I don't think.
She does need to release this other evidence she has.
Timing is interesting I agree in that literally days before WSOP opens and she posts this blog. shaun deeb online poker name shaun deeb online poker name shaun deeb online poker name shaun deeb online poker name shaun deeb online poker name shaun deeb online poker name

WCOOP Champion: Shaun Deeb

WCOOP 2019: All the news from Day 3 - Pokerstars Blog Shaun deeb online poker name

Shaun Deeb and Daniel Negreanu Sit Near Top of WSOP POY Leaderboard Following Last Las Vegas Event Shaun deeb online poker name

Shaundeeb Shaun Deeb is the current leader in the CardPlayer Online Player of. Annette Obrestad has already etched her name into poker history with Â ...
American player won World Championship of Online Poker tournaments three years. The famous poker player Shaun Deeb won the 7th title in World. under the nickname “I'mYourTeddy” got the largest winning at WCOOP.
The Canadian player failed to finish in the money in the online bracelet tournament, but. Alexander Elenskiy, a live poker reporter going by the name “iskander” on the. @shaundeeb @RealKidPoker @Kevmath @WSOP.


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