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Psychoshy and Blackjack (Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons) Fallout Art, Mlp Characters,. Blackjack Poster by drawponies Mlp My Little Pony, My Little Pony ...
Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber. iwannasetstuffonfireHobbyist General Artist. She was ...
Blackjack from Fallout Equestria. Whiskey sold. jerryakiraclassics19Hobbyist Digital Artist. Really good work, i nice piece of art work! Reply.

The Legend of Blackjack (Fallout Equestria)

Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber. iwannasetstuffonfireHobbyist General Artist. She was ...
Download Free Blackjack fallout equestria PNG Images, Blackjack, My Little Pony. Blackjack Pictures - Blackjack Fallout Equestria Game Clip Art PNG.
Blackjack. Whiny cyberpony. She is the lead protagonist in Project Horizons, a side story spin-off of Fallout: Equestria. A bit higher resolution [here]. Oh well, at least my hand art skills are improving. (totally messed up the cape on that AJ and ...
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Balefire Blackjack | Fallout: Equestria | Know Your Meme Fallout equestria blackjack art


Blackjack from Fallout Equestria. Whiskey sold. jerryakiraclassics19Hobbyist Digital Artist. Really good work, i nice piece of art work! Reply.
Equestria Girls / Anthro MLP Art Gallery #160. I need to get back. Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (New Chapter 77-Epilogue!) Additional Tags: ...
**AUCTION** Fallout Equestria: Blackjack Flask Set. By Sciggles, posted a year ago Anthro Artist | Support me with Shinies!

starburst-pokieFallout Equestria Blackjack Drinking What Face Cotton T-shirt | Etsy Fallout equestria blackjack art

Blackjack Fallout Equestria Images, Blackjack Fallout Equestria Transparent PNG, Free download Fallout equestria blackjack art

Download for free Blackjack Pictures #1667649, download othes Blackjack Pictures for free.
Download Free Blackjack fallout equestria PNG Images, Blackjack, My Little Pony. Blackjack Pictures - Blackjack Fallout Equestria Game Clip Art PNG.
Ambient loop of Blackjack from Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. Original: ...

Fallout equestria blackjack artcasinobonus

fallout equestria blackjack art Upon discovering the EC-1101 in the Stable's systems, Blackjack flees out into the Wasteland to uncover its secrets, facing the horrors of Hoofington.
Becoming known as the Security Mare, Blackjack considers herselfwill charge into a situation recklessly, and believes she is at her best when drunk.
Her greatest strength and weakness is herand she wishes to help everyone in the Hoof, or die trying.
Anything she touches the ground, a ruined vehicle, an elevator car, explodes instead.
But then she'll feel bad and about it.
Her brain and body only survive because Rampage is used as a willing life-support machine until BJ can be implanted with synthetic organs.
As of Chapter 33, she's missing both eyes and all four legs, and still manages to kill one of her attackers while nailed to the floor.
Become memories of Psalm thanks to her connection to the Goddess.
In Chapter 30, a tumorous growth fills the empty socket.
Then in Chapter 32, her mutations get even worse.
She gradually becomes see more open about them, both with herself and her friends, and enjoys having Glory rough her up in bed.
A likely candidate for BJ's.
She's so focused on helping others that she ends up saddled with crippling guilt when things inevitably go wrong, to the point of almost completely disregarding her own health.
She becomes overwhelmed with guilt whenever she isand can't bring herself to kill in cold blood.
She's now more machine than pony.
Her eagerness to act causes almost as many problems as it solves, but stopping to reflect often leaves her wallowing in guilt.
Blackjack's Chapter 27 perk is Made of Stubbornium.
Her music with Octavia's contrabass is rough around the edges, but is apparently quite pleasant.
Octavia's soul may be helping.
In the first case, she attempts to stay behind as the stable floods with chlorine.
The Goddess catches on and has Lacunae teleport her out.
In the second, she fails to shoot herself because she forgot to turn off her gun's safety.
She even becomes less of an and more of a.
Blackjack's bizarre sense of taste says that the rancid-orange-juice flavor of Rad-Away is "tangy" and a raw-egg-and-chili-powder hangover cure is "not bad".
Said hangover cure made vomit.
She happily eats cooking.
After upgrades, she adds metal and rocks to her diet.
Within weeks of leaving, she accumulates a kill count in the hundreds, including innocents and children.
Blackjack becomes increasingly disfigured over time, accumulating significant laser scars and partly-healed bullet wounds on her face and torso, along with a large 'Y' shaped scar over her missing eye.
Eventually, her taint contamination starts to manifest in the form of hideous tumors and does awful, unseen things to her legs.
Her friends think it's a heroic sacrifice, when it's actually more of a suicide attempt.
The only stays together and follows her because they're all more or less equally broken.
She makes Littlepip's journey and hardships look like a walk in the park.
She carries guilt for just about every mistake or death she causes or is unable to prevent, blames herself for P-21's use as a sex slave, Glory's banishment, Rampage and Lacunae's conditions, and every single sight of misery and suffering in the Wasteland.
She strives to do better and encourage ponies to do the same.
But her pain grows and grows throughout the story.
In brief, she gets a filly killed in the opening chapters, then mercy kills forty more, suffered a mental breakdown more than once, forced to gas her own home to death when they start turning to cannibalism, tries to commit suicide which leads to P-21 trying to do the same, develops a tumour, goes blind, gets nailed to a table and raped, transformed into a cyborg using the body parts of the monster who drove her from her Stable to begin with, loses multiple friends and loved ones to war, violence, and illness, shoots another filly, has another mental breakdown, faces being assimilated into Unity, becomes pregnant, her body is hijacked by Cognitum, gets transformed into an alicorn, and ultimately survives the story as an immortal yet she outlives most of her friends.
Then he found out this trope on ; at which point, 'click.
During the war, Twilight became pregnant but her cousin Marigold acts as a surrogate mother, adopting Twilight's child and named her Tarot.
Tarot was eventually taken into Stable 99, and many years later, Blackjack was born.
Blackjack: IÂ’ve had cyberponies blast me with artillery!
IÂ’ve been shot in the back by zebra snipers and taken an armor piercing round through my skull!
IÂ’ve had my face attacked by almost every fallout equestria blackjack art pony I call a close and personal friend!
IÂ’ve had boats dropped on me!
But fate has other plans.
Her magical abilities are nothing special, but she sometimes uses her telekinesis to.
Blackjack recalls she gained her Cutie Mark after winning a card game in her Stable, only for one of her friends be crushed by a door.
Even after realizing that 99 was a very poor example of how healthy sex and relationships work, Blackjack remains naive and is very easily seduced.
This continues outside where she sleeps with Caprice, Glory, and P-21.
And possibly even Littlepip, Glory, and Homage all at once.
Becomes more pronounced after she becomes a cyborg.
And again more apparent after being further augmented.
Blue to in bed.
She suffers recurring hallucinations and nightmares involving a stallion she calls the Dealer, due to his association with cryptic playing card-related metaphors, and in one case threatens him only to find that she's actually pointing her gun at Glory's head.
She tries to keep this facade up for her friends' benefit.
Later even further; her extensive cybernetics weigh her down enough that she immediately sinks.
In chapter 36, she almost drowns in a large, but relatively shallow pool of blood.
Neither party is pleased with this.
She tries desperately to be a full-fledged one, but alas, whatever for self-defense orshe fails most of the time.
As well as hijacked by Unity.
Although she later becomes a cyber-unicorn.
Blackjack's emotional instability often ends up influencing her narration of events.
Blackjack has a tendency to break out in crude, often violent songs, including renditions of certain numbers from.
However, she quickly takes to just click for source musical instrument and the narration of her in Chapter 22 is interspersed with an adapted version of 's The Tyger.
According to a field report she heard about, singing in combat improves one's ability by around seventy percent, and that any singing adversary is to be avoided.
In later chapters she mainly carries a.
First athen a starmetal sword.
Once due to terminal illness, averted by her cyborg conversion, and again thanks to a soul-draining spell cast on her by Snips.
The oldest stallion in Stable 99, P-21 is used as a.
Facing his inevitable "retirement", P-21 takes the opportunity to flee with Blackjack out into the Wasteland.
A grumpy and deeply traumatised buck, P-21 is in the team and keeps to himself, and.
Later revealed to be Scotch Tape's dad.
Priest's death sends him right back over the edge, but taking responsibility for his daughter helps level him out again.
He restricts himself to weapons that require care and planning because he's afraid that his repressed hatred of Stable 99's mares might make him shoot Blackjack on impulse.
Discovering that and later makes this a lot easier to understand.
Fortunately, she manages to avert this trope at the last minute.
He falls into mode after Https:// is killed, but gradually gets better.
Occasionally lapses intosuch as when Rampage complains that she's getting caught in his grenade blasts.
P-21 laughed as he popped open Persuasion and loaded a new grenade.
P-21's sexuality is complicated.
There are normally only 20 males of each type in Stable 99, so being number 21 and alive is an accomplishment.
An idealisticGlory becomes Blackjack's marefriend and morality chain.
She suffers a lot in the story.
Her mother is revealed to be a monster, and puts her father on life support indefinitely.
Of course, this comes with visit web page />However, she lives long enough to die in Blackjack's presence after her return from the moon.
This includes spinal surgery, skin grafts, tumor excision and lung and eye transplants note With the assistance of a priceless medical robot.
She also assists Professor Zodiac and Rover in jury-rigging a life support system from body and rebuilding Blackjack as a cyberpony, but the extent of her involvement in these procedures is unclear.
After BJ's upgrades, Glory considers gemstones and metal to be valid ingredients.
The name doesn't stick for long though, and most characters simply refer to her as Glory.
She eventually shows up in Chapel, looking for EC-1101.
Though the roles are in Glory and Blackjack's sexual relationship.
She is, in fact, the end result of a soul-absorbing talisman made by Rarity, that contains several personalities of dead ponies and other creatures.
This leads to a lot of mental problems for her, and has caused numerous tragedies for her in the past.
Finally revealed to be Peppermint, daughter of Twist, conceived through her rape by Doof.
Even at her most sane, she still displays some psychopathic tendencies.
Rampage: It fucking sucks to not remember.
Largely a result of.
More recently, Rampage presumably under control of the Angel of Death killed her own daughter.
This was done under the Angel's influence, and she realizes how stupid this was when Blackjack purges the Angel as Cognitum never discards her tools.
She is finally removed for good by Blackjack, who uses moon dust to directly tap in Rampage's mind to do it.
“I give a gift to end suffering.
You spurned that gift,” she purred in my ear.
“Take your own damned life.
Of course, that didn't stop her from jumping into a wood chipper on a bet.
Seeing a foal suffer is probably her biggest.
Her frequent deaths are played for both drama and comedy.
Just where does Rampage's 'high-protien diet' come from?
In the bar scene following the Battle of Flank in which she single-handedly fought off the Pecos gang in a drug-induced frenzyshe vomits meat.
Everyone else calls her Rampage.
Though she admits she has been "alive" for 60 years.
Since she is Twist's daughter, she is over 200 years old.
She actuallywhich constantly battle for dominance over her body.
Discovering this leads her to question whether 'Rampage' even exists at all.
One of the ponies inside her apparently had training a therapist, with their arrival marked by a teddy bear on her flank.
She also has a concealed in her armor, but rarely uses it.
An alicorn and a member of the Goddess' Unity.
She was asked by the Goddess to join Blackjack's group for the Unity's well-being.
She is a quiet and reserved person, and wears a black lace dress to hide her alicorn form when in public and is skilled with a minigun.
Somewhat justified in that Lacunae makes an effort to conceal her wings.
Lacunae: One advantage to being a giant unicorn is that few bother you with why you are a giant unicorn.
Unique, friendly member of a race commonly seen as villains?
Proficient with a sniper rifle?
Has trouble fitting in with others due to limited social understanding?
Disseminates herself so that her kind can live as whole individuals?
How this will affect Lacunae remains to be seen.
Lacunae survived the destruction of Maripony, only to willingly destroy herself to allow all of the removed memories to return to their rightful owners.
Twilight Sparkle then takes over the body, saving Littlepip in Fallout Equestria.
There was something fundamentally disturbing about the way she splashed it all over herself.
Nopony should have that much fun in magical waste.
Lacunae groaned, her eyes closed with an expression of bliss and a blush on her cheeks.
Lacunae herself is a living repository for all the regretful memories that the rest of the would rather not dwell on.
Naturally, this is often but is,a temporary state.
Blackjack: Lacunae: Blackjack: Gotcha.
She is taken outside by Blackjack and P-21 following the events in their home, and makes it her mission to find her talent to avoiding getting a toilet Cutie Mark.
She's when she finds out.
It is more detailed in the sequel Fallout Equestria: Homelands.
While they travel and work together, P-21 resents the idea of developing an emotional bond with Scotch and remains distant.
All Scotch can do is cower in fear inside a wagon.
Shortly afterwards, just as Blackjack and Lacunae are about to be overwhelmed, the.
Turns out that Scotch note Who, notably, is a relatively small child with almost no combat experience managed to overcome her fear of the Rangers and assist them - right in the middle of a chaotic and bloody battlefield.
She is a mutebeing very animal in nature, but grows attached to Blackjack and her friends.
But unlike other Blanks, Boo is able to evolve into her own person.
She may be smarter than she appears, however, as she briefly manages to use a gun to protect Blackjack during a battle.
Despite having the body of a full-grown mare, Boo behaves more like a dog because she was never raised or socialised.
She hides from danger before Blackjack can perceive it, but didn't show any qualms about walking right up to Blackjack and her friends.
One of the top ten Reapers of Hoofington, Deus is a huge psychotic cyborg with a penchant for rape.
He was responsible for the first attack on Stable 99 in search of EC- 1101, which led to Blackjack escaping with it to lure him away from the Stable.
He really is Doof, one of the original Marauders who was forcibly converted into a cyborg during the Great War as part of Project Steelpony.
He returns with his mind programmed into a tank, though thanks to Blackjack seeing him as a pony, he has a.
Considering his member was the sole remaining real part of his body within his cybernetics, he goes.
This is because he was her father.
According to Rampage he would do it to any mare who even looked at him the wrong way.
Because they were both Marauders once.
A monsterpony in charge of operations at Brimstone's Fall who has the power to petrify living beings.
He is another of the top ten and a friend of Deus.
His true identity is Stonewing, another of the Marauders and the first product of Project Chimera, having been fused with a cockatrice.
She later finds a farewell letter from Stonewing thanking whoever killed him.
Sanguine left with Psychoshy A primary antagonist in the story, Sanguine is a Canterlot Ghoul who seeks to use EC-1101 for unknown reasons and will do whatever it takes to get it.
When he's not sending monsterponies to harass Blackjack, of course.
Or flipping out and feeding entire settlements to industrial equipment.
Eventually has a proper one when his family die.
It's an act to hide hiswhich he's ashamed to admit to.
It doesn't justify his actions, but it still makes Blackjack understand his reasons.
Also, he clones Blackjack for tissue to replace her skin damaged by pink cloud after his deal with her, he doesn't even bother to euthanise or implicitly sedate the clone first - essentially, he flays 'Blackjack' alive.
It's averted at the last minute It's also subverted as he was and thought he could be better after he succeeded.
He finally snaps and just to get Blackjack's attention, then kills Priest when the negotiations turn ugly.
The death of his family.
A pegasus who bears a striking resemblance to Fluttershy.
She is a cruel and sarcastic who has a thing for Sanguine.
She is actually the child of Fluttershy and Goldenblood, believed to have died in premature childbirth, but was saved by Sanguine for his own plans.
It's unclear whether or not he reciprocates.
Her love turns out to be genuine, but not in go here way Blackjack and co.
Psychoshy is Sanguine's adopted daughter.
Known as Psychoshy among the other Reapers and her enemies.
Blackjack eventually learns from a memory orb that Fluttershy wanted to name her Whisper.
After telling Psychoshy this, she calls herself Whisper from then on.
Warden HobbleThe ghoulish warden of Hightower Prison.
Despite the Great War being finished over 200 years see more, he still controls the penitentiary as his own personal playground, even if all its prisoners are either dead or ghouls themselves.
Black jack needs to enter his prison in order to activate the next point in the relay of EC-1101.
Subverted, however, when he decides to kill her as well as everyone else in Blackjack's team to prevent them from reporting what he believes to be his corruption in running the prison.
Undeath has simply made him worse.
A zebra assassin and member of the Remnant, Lancer is a very religious zebra who believes Blackjack is the.
An Enclave member who represents the pegasi community known as Thunderhead.
A well-intentioned soldier, he wants to ensure Thunderhead survives against all odds, going to extreme lengths to achieve his goal.
Specifically, discovering that his ancestor Mephitis, a lauded hero among the Enclave, was nothing more that a greedy, self-obsessed murderer who stopped Dash's attempts to help the surface to cover his own crimes and got away with it.
As this will effectively end the Enclave government, it gives him peace.
May I rant a little?
I think that, since you've seen fit to give me the role of a villain, IÂ’m entitled to give a little explanation?
Chapter 42 reveals that he has succeeded, and that his agents used Neighvarro pegasi as test subjects.
Combined with his recent full body cybernetics, it causes his mental state to unravel completely.
Granted, the details include a fair amount of genocide, but still, it's enough to convince to call a truce.
He will do anything for it, including causing massive casualties in Thunderhead.
A cruel Steel Ranger who is a high-ranking officer in the Hoofington branch of the Rangers.
He later starts working for Cognitum and the Harbingers.
A very powerful opponent, he becomes a recurring enemy for Blackjack.
Apparently they can vaporize a pony from two miles with near-perfect accuracy.
His body falls apart, his organs liquefy, and the flesh melts off his skeleton.
All while he is still alive.
When he tries to kill her again just seconds later though, he pays for it dearly.
It's the last thing she ever sees without prosthetic eyes.
Steel Rain: Do you really think a gun like this should be left in a weapons locker to collect dust?
He does what he does for two things, his ego and power.
After cornering her on the HMS Celestia, he cripples her with a single shot and comes very close to killing her outright; she pulls awhich he survives.
In the second, he shrugs off anti-material rounds and proves a match for Rampage in close combat.
Eventually meets his end at the hooves of Blackjack, dying from exposure to Enervation after she snatches a charm that protects him from it.
Basically, his thought process consists of, "I should be the one on top and everyone else can go to hell.
Expecting this, she counters and snags his protection charm.
He promptly succumbs to the full effects of extreme Enervation, pathetically begging her to save him as his body literally falls apart.
He later enhances it with star metal, which ends badly for him when Blackjack uses its explosive reaction to moonstone to blow the armor off piece by piece.
In fact, he's repeatedly called out on this.
Blackjack asks him if there's anyone he wouldn't stab in the back.
He would also threaten an unborn baby to gain what he wants.
Stable 99 Antagonists Blackjack's home Stable 99 is ruled by mares, with the forty males used as breeding tools.
When Blackjack returns, she finds the Raider Virus has turned many of the residents into cannibals.
Much more so when the.
Later, Daisy makes Blackjack to maintain her raider disguise despite knowing who she is, and the Overmare.
The leader of the Zebra Remnant and the father of Lancer.
Reported to be one of the last Achu zebra and the strongest hoof-to-hoof fighter in the world, having killed a dragon without any weapons.
He believes he is destined to fight the Maiden of The Stars apparently Blackjack to the death in a great final battle.
In truth, all of the above is an act that he utilizes to keep the zebras under control.
He shows no affection for his son, even ordering him to kill his mother printable blackjack strategy sister.
Subverted in that the prophecy of the Maiden really does exist.
He just twisted it.
Though when Lancer gives him the chance to fight her, he tries at first to avoid it stating that is "too early".
Since he needs Blackjack in his plans involving Cognitum, and he is just using the story to further his ends.
As of Chapter 74, Cognitum is dead, leaving him the sole.
His schemes go back centuries.
In fact, he was the one who caused the Littlehorn Massacre to to ruin any chance of peace between the ponies and zebras.
He also posed as a scientist in Horse's employ, encouraging him to use the Tokomare which really was the Eater and to oust Goldenblood as director.
He also wears it's bones as armor.
He has fulfilled this role for centuries, making sure that the Eater is fed the souls of millions and planning to turn all of Equestria into their slaves.
In fact, he is one of the original Starkatteri, who built the ancient zebra city in what would eventually become Hoofington.
Which is another lie.
His ability really comes from a talisman identical to Rampage's one and is the source of his immortality.
The Eater then melts him to death for insulting its own pride.
Combine that with his phoenix talisman and knowledge of Starkatteri magic, and you have one hell of an opponent.
The reason is simple, he needs her alive for the time being.
It was why he ordered Sekaishi killed, as she saw them accidentally and then ran away because of it.
Subverted when it's revealed to be an act.
Though he's just using them to further his own ends.
His real identity turns the entire story on its head.
A new group which emerges in Hoofington in the later arcs.
Their goal is to gain every other group's loyalty willing or not and more importantly, find EC-1101.
Turns out the tank is in fact the revived Deus.
The enigmatic leader of the Harbingers who wishes to change Equestria and Hoofington via extreme measures.
Is actually Dawn, Glory's missing mother.
In her quest, she ends up hurting her husband and daughter, critically wounding the former, loses all feeling as her body is replaced with more cyber parts, and ends up being discarded by Cognitum despite her promise to make her the savior she so desperately wants to be.
Though not unquestionably loyal, as she repeatedly distorts Cogtinum's commands to kill Blackjack, rather than capture her as Cognitum wants.
She was promised that by Cognitum first.
But she's not a very honest one.
Her goals are noble enough — save the world from Project Horizons and rebuild Equestria — but her methods are brutal andor even if what she believes is correct.
The Brood of Coyotl A mysterious faction of zebras with cybernetic implants used as the elite of the Remnants.
Not much is known about their origins.
They are actually clones made from the same technology used to make Blanks in Hippocratic Research and implanted with cybernetics from Project Steelpony.
They become the last major antagonist force in the story as of Book V.
Among these are cybernetic wings which allows them to fight blackjack online with friends unblocked the sky.
Once Cognitum is out of the picture, though, Amadi uses them to completely destroy the Wasteland.
It is the Zebra language word for which hints at their origin being clones made from flux.
It soon leads everyone to target the installations where the Trees are located to finally stop the flow of enemies.
Since they are cloned, tips dan trik main will always be more soldiers being made.
All the Brood has to do is outlast their opponents until they are all dead and there's no one left alive to oppose them.
Cognitum possessing Blackjack in cyberunicorn form The of Project Horizons, and founder of the Harbingers, who dwells in the Hoofington Core.
She wants to obtain EC-1101 to restore Equestria, and then rule it as a goddess.
The mastermind behind Deus, Sanguine, and the Harbingers coming after Blackjack.
Horse while attempting to copy Goldenblood's brain using his mind-copying ripoff of the Crusader Maneframe.
She can also be very generous, giving Blackjack a copy of her original body after stealing her cybernetic one.
But it's subverted, as her gifts always come with a price.
Blackjack puts it best.
Blackjack: You offer slavery and call it salvation.
She was responsible for sending Deus to Stable 99 to retrieve EC-1101 and most other events thereafter.
Her death in Chapter 74 leaves him as the story's final.
Horse's ripoff of the Crusader Maneframe copies minds, which is how Cognitum is created from Luna's mind.
As the story progresses, it is revealed that Cognitum formed a new world order through the O.
Her mask slips a number of times, revealing the absolutely vicious and cruel tyrant underneath.
This involves thinking that the is just an alien power source which she can control.
Also orchestrated the events of the Fallout equestria blackjack art Day, and apologise, how to count cards blackjack multiple decks excellent rearranged plans for the various O.
However, it turns out she is just a pawn herself for the Legate and the Eater of Souls, hoping she fires Project Horizons so the Eater can devour Tom and be reborn anew.
Beforehand, she can control robots, machinery, and attacks Blackjack's group in the city tunnels with in blackjack betting works how giant monster made from a factory floor.
She become one again after being ejected, possessing a giant swarm of mechasprites and using them to devour everything she can.
Cognitum wants to restore Equestria but at any cost, even if it means utilising an alien soul-sucking abomination or a superweapon to achieve it.
With no thought of the consequences or the fact that said abomination will kill everything if she continues to use it.
Too bad her absolute belief in this means that she's willing to do any atrocity and ignore any risks.
She does it to Sanguine, Dawn, Horse and many others.
But she doesn't simply discard her tools, storing them instead.
The Eater of Souls An alien entity that crashed into the Hoofington region in the form of an asteroid long ago, laying waste to the native species that dwelled there.
Its asteroid, later renamed the Tokomare, was eventually dug up and, through the machinations of Amadi, used to power the area and for wartime purposes.
Centuries later, it remains inside the Core manipulating Cognitum and guiding Amadi towards releasing it so it can devour all life from the planet and move on to other worlds to consume.
All souls of those who have perished in the vicinity of Hoofington are trapped around the Eater within the Core.
Unable to move on to the afterlife, they are in constant pain and torture.
Their energy corrodes all lifeforce around it as a result.
Also played literally straight in that the tortured souls can only scream which can only be heard by magically empowered beings like the alicorns and the Goddess.
Its past and actions over the centuries are pretty much a.
However, it has a large chance of causing an Continental at best; Planetary at worst if it goes through.
Averted utterly in that the Eater knows about it and instead plans to absorb the energy to be fallout equestria blackjack art />From the Zebra Schism to the Great War, it has engineered death and destruction on an unbelievable scale.
It's even the reason why Hoofington even exists.
It relies on Amadi to feed it souls until it is powerful enough to be released.
He was a survivor of the Littlehorn Massacre, but was infected with Pink Cloud and spoke in a raspy voice and was deathly ill.
Had a doomed relationship with Fluttershy.
He was a master of manipulation and very secretive.
When he realized the full consequences of his actions, he became a.
Later evolves into a.
His messy breakup with Fluttershy and his eventual arrest are the clearest examples so far.
Finding out about the Eater was the biggest, as it made him realize that all that he had done made it stronger than ever.
Ever after Blackjack releases him and spares his life, he still feels unworthy after all his sins and wishes to be put out of his misery.
The real reason was finding out that Amadi, who he had last seen triggering the bomb in Littlehorn, was in Horse's employ and realizing his true nature.
It was what led to his arrest.
The reason is twofold, his attempt to explain what had happened at Littlehorn to his rescuer ended up implicating the zebras he was trying to say Starkatteri zebra, but was misunderstoodand letting the war escalate when he click the following article the power to stop it.
He survived Littlehorn, helped Luna form her new war ministry, founded the Ministries, set up the Ministry of Awesome's facade as a pointless government branch, set Pinkie on her path of addiction which comes to bite him in the asshelps out with Stable-Tec's projects, designed most of the Hoofington Projects, and even inspired Twilight Sparkle to create the Gardens of Equestria and the alicorn formula.
Goldenblood had a significant influence on Luna's government reforms and the formation of the ministries.
He is also known to have wiped Twilight's memories of creating the Gardens of Equestria, and blackmailed Rarity over her possession of the Black Book.
He then built Horizons as the ultimate failsafe against the zebras and the Eater.
The truth was blackjack and tips did did it all under the influence of the Eater.
Luna used his affection for her to stop him from quitting and his loyalty to his country was his other reason for why he would not let the war end in anything but Equestria's favor.
Particularly when he causes Fluttershy to have a miscarriage, and when Pinkie reveals he has been manipulated by the Eater of Souls.
Calling out Luna's name while intimate with a pregnant Fluttershy caused her to go into premature labor.
Both Goldenblood and Fluttershy were lead to believe that the resulting birth was a miscarriage, and mourned as such.
In fact, Trueblood later Sanguine actually kept the infant Whisper later Psychoshy in secret to further his own ends.
Father and daughter meet two-hundred years later.
He was revealed to be alive all along, imprisoned in Project Redoubt waiting for the right person to open it and execute him.
He actually wanted to stop but his loyalty to Luna didn't allow him to do so.
A mysterious skeletal pony who wears a battered hat and coat, the Dealer materialises shortly after Blackjack downloads EC-1101 into her PipBuck and has a flipflopping view on her efforts to do good.
Blackjack assumes he is death incarnate but learns he is a pre-wasteland spirit attached to EC-1101 to ensure it reaches its proper destinations.
Or so it seems.
What he really wants is to link the world ended, as he believes that his race deserves it.
His flip-flopping between the two visit web page Blackjack to no end.
Turns out he is actually the ghost of Echo, a member of Macintosh's Marauders, whose soul was bound to EC-1101.
While they are introduced as antagonists targeting Blackjack, they are good people at heart.
Each member is named after a star sign of the western zodiac.
She is promptly blown away by a timely Calamity with a machine rifle.
Professor Zodiac sacrifices her cybernetic organs, and any chance of being mobile in the near future, in order to save Blackjack's life.
learn more here they getthat is.
The kindly leader of the small settlement named Chapel, Priest created a safe haven town for refugees and others who he refers to as "Pilgrims".
He works as a priest for Princess Celestia and Luna, restoring the town's chapel to its pre-war state.
He tries to dissuade Pilgrims from taking "" but will not stop them if they decide to do it.
Twilight Sparkle's cousin Marigold once lived in the house.
The Journey itself think, blackjack tips basic strategy chart printable not the Pilgrims walking across the bridge leading to Hoofington's Core, where the deadly disintegration weapons will instantly kill the Pilgrims.
However, it fell apart when one of Rampage's alternate personalities killed their child, and they split up.
He gets a from Blackjack when she witnesses this.
He is a priest of Celestia and Luna, founded the town and built it around the chapel that it is named after, has the colours of a vicar's click here, and his Cutie Mark is a silhouette of Celestia raising the sun.
Charity A filly Crusader who runs the shop in Chapel.
She is very business-minded and cares only for getting profits.
She starts to cut Blackjack some slack after she gives up EC-1101 to Sanguine in exchange for her life.
She does it slightly less and less after her encounter with Sanguine.
She later hires Caprice after she gets run out of Flank and Precious to act as her fallout equestria blackjack art guard.
Later on, she hires Precious to act as its guard, turning it into a literal.
Sekashi A zebra Blackjack and her team meet at Brimstone Falls after Lancer supposedly assassinates all the zebras there.
She later settles down in Chapel where she tells her tales to anyone willing.
She is also a master staff fighter and knows the secret of the Legate being a cursed Starkatteri.
The ReapersA large group of raiders who dominate Hoofington, the Reapers were designed to fight off against other gangs in the wasteland and make it a better place.
The Reapers are led by Big Daddy.
They operate out the Hoofington Dome and often have gladiator battles.
Rampage, Deus and Gorgon are all members of the Reapers.
Immune to lasers and explosives as well.
But not rock crushers.
Speechless or dealer janaf blackjack, he can certainly scream.
The Society A civilized faction living in Hoofington, the Society believe themselves to be the rightful and future leaders of Equestria.
They are led by the elderly King Awesome and most are descendants of pre-war Equestria's aristocracy.
Awesome has three children.
They want to restore Equestria, share the Fluttershy Medical Centre with the Collegiate, and grow fresh fruit to trade with other factions including the Enclave.
A bratty self-centered filly who believes she should be King Awesome's successor because she just should.
She even kidnaps Scotch in an attempt to make Blackjack pick her, but Blackjack easily defeats her and lets Rampage and Scotch torture her.
Blackjack chooses her as King Awesome's successor.
They had better priviledges but were still slaves, and wore bomb collars.
Most members of the Society are well aware of the harsh conditions of the Wasteland but do their best to just live out their lives normally.
The CollegiateOne of the factions within Hoofington.
They're a group of medical experts and doctors working out of Hoofington University, their base of operations.
They have access to more medical technology and techniques than many regular Wasteland doctors, allowing them to treat numerous severe conditions.
They earn profits by either healing others or by sending the Zodiac Family out to capture bounties.
Triage's patience, as well as any doctor's, gets tested continuously over Blackjack blatantly ignoring these to avoid injuries to her body.
Triage is always seen with a cigarette in her mouth.
The FindersAnother faction operating within Hoofington.
They're a commerce-oriented group which run the major trade hubs around Hoofington.
Zodiac, King Awesome and Dawn.
The former sells drugs and sexual services while the latter runs a slave trade.
Rumored to be the ancient location of.
Blackjack doesn't realize the bartender and Caprice are the same pony until Book 2.
Both are eventually run out of their hubs with one ending up working as assistant to a filly shopkeep Caprice and the other reduced to shoveling Brahmin dung for her father Usury.
Followers Just like in the series the story is based from, not everypony Blackjack meets stay with her from the beginning of her journey.
Those who joined momentarily are described below.
Scoodle's Crusaders The first group Blackjack and P-21 encounter after leaving Stable 99.
A group of Crusaders held by raiders until Blackjack saves them.
The most significant members of this groups are Scoodle and Boing.
The Neighvarro Enclave Trio A trio of Enclave pegasi Twister, Sunset, Boomer from Neighvaro monitored to Watcher's Cave.
Their leader was later "hijacked" by Blackjack after leaving the cave and flown to Hoofington.
They later allied with Blackjack after an attack by Brass and her manticores.
If she lets BJ go, she'll lose an intelligence asset; If she kills her, she'll still have no asset.
Her only choice was following and trusting BJ.
Bluebelle A member of the Highlanders Blackjack encounters alongside three different gang members in an industrial complex to Hoofington's east while fleeing the Harbingers in Book III.
She momentarily joins Blackjack during the assault at Yellow River.
She tolerates Xanthe due to Blackjack.
Xanthe A young zebra mare of the Propoli tribe, she works as a technician for the Zebra Remnants.
An encounter with Blackjack at Yellow River caused her to believe she is cursed by Blackjack.
She reluctantly follows her through Yellow River and later on question strip blackjack game apk comfort! Hightower.
Enforced by Lancer who immediately tries to shoot her.
Stygius A bat pony stallion Blackjack meets near Black Pony Mountain.
He is secretly the prince of the bat pony kingdom.
He may look evil with his dark coat, slit-eyed pupils and bat wings, but he's a nice guy.
As expected, they stay on the sidelines from all troubles in the Wasteland.
Unable to think clearly over what to do, she punches him with her metal forehoof.
888 casino blackjack is able to speak but it comes out as inaudible squeaks due to being a batpony.
Glory is very upset learning this.
Cerberus A Mister Gusty-class robot that resides within Meatlocker.
He was reprogrammed by the ghoul population as a sentry and is later sent along with Blackjack to infiltrate Hightower Prison.
Unlike the version from the game, this Cerberus does join the character's party, albeit momentarily.
He is actually Snips, who has survived the centuries after the war by 10000 a blackjack a necromancer.
He along with Snails were assigned by Rarity to Project Eternity, experiments to induce immortality and their research facility was once located in Hightower Prison.
He joins the group in order to rescue Snails who remained stuck inside Hightower.
Shears's past and his real identity.
He would have been killed right there if Blackjack didn't stop them from doing so.
Worse, not even he nor Snails know the way to remove the curse and she ends up dying a second time because of it.
Nurse Graves A ghoul pony nurse who resides in Meatlocker.
As one of the few staff members who worked in Hightower Prison when still alive, she joins the group to help infiltrate the facility.
She also helps direct the infiltration team to Hightower's medical supply storage as well.
Carrion A ghoul griffin working as a bouncer for Ahuizotl of Meatlocker.
He joins the Hightower infiltration group at Ahuizotl's behest.
Being a ghoul raises the creepiness factor.
Being a ghoul however, he was able to regenerate it.
He worked for Ahuizotl because he held it.
Once Blackjack becomes the new holder, he kills Ahuizotl without mercy.
Silver Spoon A former resident of Ponyville, she was working around the vicinity of Hoofington when the megaspells fell.
She became a ghoul who has her destroyed glasses fused to her face and her mind degenerated.
She saves Blackjack at first around the Boneyard and later joined the Hightower Infiltration group.
Later at Hightower Prison, she was able to get Warden Hobble to stand down using her Ministry of Morale authority before he could kill the infiltration group once they entered.
Ferals with stronger powers like the blue flamers are immune.
Readers of will realise that Diamond Tiara was shortly after the megaspell exchange.
She is "dead" but still with unlife as a Glowing One.
She still sometimes calls BJ Tiara at times though.
Led by Big Macintosh, the group formed a family-like unit over the course of the war.
However, tragedy ended up destroying the squad following Big Macintosh's death at Shattered Hoof Ridge.
The rest of the squad either died or suffered horrible fates, some appearing two-hundred years later in the Equestrian Wasteland.
The zebra warned them that if anypony broke the promise, the culprit would die a peaceful death while the others would suffer.
When Stonewing "dies", the group suspect he broke the bond.
Turns out it is Big Macintosh who did, falling in love and planning to leave military service to start a family.
It all goes wrong when Big Mac dies a hero and the others all suffer horrible fates as a result.
See Posthumous Character below.
Though many of them are actually still alive, the intervening time has changed them to a point where they are no longer recognizable.
AfterDoof was 'volunteered' for Project Steelpony and used as a guinea pig for cybernetic enhancement technology.
Stonewing, after being paralyzed in combat, was used as a test subject in Project Chimera and.
The Leader of the Macintosh's Marauders, Big Macintosh is an intelligent, strong and respected sergeant of little words.
He is the big brother of Applejack and Apple Bloom.
He was the heart of the squad and the others idolized him.
However, he infamously died defending Princess Celestia at the botched Shattered Hoof Ridge peace talks, leading to the destruction of the squad.
This caused problems among the squad, but Big Macintosh wished to live a happy life and not die in battle.
Without him, the squad falls apart.
Here, he is a recurring character in memory orbs.
However, when Big Macintosh decides to leave the army to raise a family, he inadvertently breaks the fellowship and dies, leading to the terrible fates of his comrades.
Turns out this is actually half-true.
Big Macintosh defended Princess Celestia from zebra assassins, only to end up taking a bullet fired by Psalm, who thought a dead Celestia was better than a captured Celestia.
They were going to have a child together but Twilight had to transfer her child to her cousin Marigold.
This child is Blackjack's ancestor.
Turns out he was shot dead by Psalm in an attempt to mercy kill the Princess.
Big Macintosh's lieutenant, Applesnack is agruff and moody earth pony who is openly racist towards zebras.
He dated Applejack during the war.
Would later become the first Steel Ranger and used the rather split 8s in blackjack agree Steelhooves.
For more info, see.
The youngest member of the Marauders, Twist is an old friend of Apple Bloom and had a lifelong crush on her.
She spoke with a speech impediment and wore glasses, but got rid of both to not be a liability to her team.
Dated a Proditor zebra named Shuuja.
Twist was also shot and close to death, only for Shuuja to rip out the regenerative Phoenix Talisman and give it to Twist, dying herself.
Twist later died at Miramare Air Station on the Last Day, and her soul along with the talisman, ended up in Rampage, actually her daughter Peppermint.
Twist later gave birth to Peppermint.
She owned a candy store in Hoofington with Doof before it was burnt down.
A large, simple-minded stallion who was friends with Twist and Psalm.
He acted as the of the team, and had a crush on Twist.
Following Big Macintosh's death, he did a number of terrible things that led to being turned into the cyborg Deus Ex Machina.
He invades Fallout equestria blackjack art 99 two-hundred years later to obtain EC-1101.
Unfortunately, Doof's limited intelligence led him into being manipulated by Brass into raping Twist.
Turns out he always wished to be this ever since raping Twist.
Rampage ends up finding it hilarious when she realizes Deus plans to follow Blackjack around until he finds new meaning in life.
Had a pair of giant cannons as Deus.
He co-ran Twist's candy store with her.
However, the fusion of flesh and metal was not perfect, leaving him in agony for years.
Blackjack spends sixteen chapters running from Deus until they finally face off in Flank.
He pleaded with Vanity to let him see Twist to beg for forgiveness, but was denied.
This led to him becoming a monster, believing all mare were "cunts" including Twist, and he was put in solitary confinement to prevent him from harming anyone.
He was then selected for Project Steelpony, becoming the deadly Reaper known as Deus.
He comes to refer to all mares as "cunts".
His lock password is "Mama".
Blackjack deliberately hides it from Rampage so she doesn't have to see.
The rest is used by Dawn to fuse Deus into a tank.
A quiet unicorn who acts as a sniper for the Marauders.
Psalm is old friends with Twist, and is a very religious mare, worshipping Princess Luna mostly and always begs for forgiveness whenever she kills or harms someone.
The day after, she abandons the rest of her team and becomes an emotionless sniper following the orders of Luna, carrying out Project Partypooper.
Becomes an alicorn after Lacunae's death.
She learns the order was issued by Garnet, but after shooting Garnet and leaving her to die, Psalm goes to Maripony to kill Twilight on a suicide mission but ends up being assimilated in Unity, becoming Lacunae.
One of the Marauders' two pegasus members, Stonewing and Jetstream acted as aerial support and were a perfect tag team.
He lost his voice when he took a bullet to the throat, and then his life when blindsided in a later battle.
He actually survived and was used by Sanguine as the first test subject in Project Chimera, fused with a cockatrice and became Gorgon.
However, he realised when she started resting her head on his shoulder.
When she confesses, he rejects her as gently as possible.
A farewell letter found by Blackjack indicates he may have eventually returned Jetstream's feelings.
The second pegasus in the Marauders, Jetstream is a fast, high flying pegasus and has a lifelong pairs strategy perfect blackjack on Stonewing.
Vanity reluctantly agreed, but this only led to Jetstream's mental breakdown.
Jetstream is the only one who confesses.
Much to Vanity and Echo's regret, she was eventually put in the Happyhorn Gardens mental hospital where she believed she was still on duty with all of her teammates alive.
Jetstream flies off, armed with a detonator that she thinks is a teleportation megaspell, actually a balefire bomb that kicks off the events of the Last Day.
Goldenblood's uncle and Prince Blueblood's brother.
Vanity is a royal aristocrat who becomes the moral officer of the Marauders.
While proud, he is a very kind and generous unicorn in comparison to his snobbish brother.
He helped build Project Redoubt as a result.
He defends his friends against Blueblood's pompous insults, and aids his servants and a group of fillies in fighting off an angry mob during the Last Day.
Horse, telling him to go to hell for screwing over tons fallout equestria blackjack art ponies with Project Redoubt.
The of the group, Echo is a small stallion who is able to carry huge amounts of equipment on his back.
He would go on to become the Dealer.
This trope came into effect when he became the Dealer.
Blackjack doesn't even have time to mourn his death.
Switches sides again out of guilt.
Also shared with Psalm due to their similarities.
Eventually he was hired by Goldenblood as his assistant, learning many of the O.
Trixie is an prostitute, while Twilight and in the ruins of Ponyville Library.
A moment of indiscretion from Goldenblood destroyed their relationship and cost them their unborn daughter.
He's pretty much the only surviving Friendship is Magic character seen in either the or Project Horizons to be more or less still himself, instead of becoming a, or.
Silver Spoon is a Glowing One whose glasses have been Blueblood's facial decay has left him with a permanent, ear-to-ear.
While Blackjack finds her skeleton, her contrabass is actually her.
After realising this, Blackjack gives the instrument to the Crusaders so that Octavia will always have someone to look after her.
Cake, Octavia, Nurse Redheart, and the Flim Flam Brothers.
Psalm eventually finds her, learns she was responsible for issuing Project Partpooper, and shoots her dead on the spot.
Her body and at least some vestige of her soul live on as Rampage.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from. fallout equestria blackjack art fallout equestria blackjack art fallout equestria blackjack art fallout equestria blackjack art fallout equestria blackjack art fallout equestria blackjack art

[FO:E] Blackjack/Morning Glory - we're not broken, just bent;

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Blackjack`s group (Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons) | Mlp my little pony, Fallout art, Fallout Fallout equestria blackjack art

A page for describing Characters: Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. ProtagonistsBlackjack, aka. 'The Security Mare' (Given name: Go Fish) The main …
Development art for a #falloutequestria commission.. #MLP #FalloutEquestria character study drawings of #LittlePip #Blackjack and the client's OC Cinnamon ...
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