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🖐 Black Jack หมอปีศาจ - Blackjack 21 (anime) Ep 1 ซับอังกฤษ | Facebook


Inuyasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler YouTube Movies. 2003 · Anime · 1:38:59. ブラック・ジャック.
No direct-relation sequel to original Black Jack. Black Jack attempts to find out the conspiracy, of why he.
Watch Black Jack Episode 1 Online at Anime-Planet. During a ferry accident, Black Jack Saves an Iriomote cat, a baby and a politician. The politician decides to ...

Blackjack (anime) Ep 5

Black Jack. Season 1. (17)201813+. Black Jack is an "unregistered" doctor with a clouded. Buy Episode 1.... I'm so glad there is an anime based on this work.
Watch Black Jack Episode 1 Online at Anime-Planet. During a ferry accident, Black Jack Saves an Iriomote cat, a baby and a politician. The politician decides to ...
Inuyasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler YouTube Movies. 2003 · Anime · 1:38:59. ブラック・ジャック.
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Attention Required! | Cloudflare Blackjack (anime) ep 1


In the medical profession, there is a name spoken in hushed tones, of an unlicensed genius physician. Young Black Jack. Episode 1 - Special 1.
Black Jack. Season 1. (17)201813+. Black Jack is an "unregistered" doctor with a clouded. Buy Episode 1.... I'm so glad there is an anime based on this work.
Black Jack Karte1 1st Episode: Iceberg, Man with Kimaira. Though inspired by the original Manga, each episode is a completely new story. Characters newly designed by Sugino Akio. Karte: 1 Iceberg, Man with Kimaira In the original story ...

starburst-pokieBlack Jack หมอปีศาจ - Blackjack 21 (anime) Ep 1 ซับอังกฤษ | Facebook Blackjack (anime) ep 1

Attention Required! | Cloudflare Blackjack (anime) ep 1

Young Black Jack is a prequel to Osamu Tezuka's classic series about a brilliant. Episode 2. Abduction. Where's the Doctor? Episode 1. Where's the Doctor?
Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック) is a 78-episode adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's seminal manga series of the same name that was produced by Tezuka Production.
Young Black Jack episode 1 English Sub. This hero origin story reveals how this young man earned his.

Blackjack (anime) ep 1casinobonus

blackjack (anime) ep 1 Episode title: Where's the Doctor?
MyAnimeList: Crunchyroll: Episode duration: 24 minutes and 14 seconds Reminder: Please do not discuss any plot points which haven't appeared in the anime yet.
Try not to confirm or deny any theories, encourage people to read the source material instead.
Minor spoilers are generally ok but should be tagged accordingly.
Failing to comply with the rules may result in your comment being removed.
Keywords: young black jack, drama, medical drama This post is made by a bot.
Any feedback is welcome and can be sent to.
That really held my attention.
It's impressive how the animators were able to illustrate a surgery despite having gore restrictions.
This show airs sooooo late though.
There's barely anyone up at this hour to watch it.
I don't want this to go unnoticed so if you guys like it, be sure to promote it every chance you get.
Especially in next week Recommendation Thread.
Important pictures: Ugh, do you not wear tearaway clothing at all times?
I didn't know we were sharing this forum with philistines.
Not sure if you know but, why is there a gore restriction if it airs so late at night?
Does Japanese tv just have an overall restriction as opposed to US which allows a bit more after a certain time?
All hail Very good first episode.
Illegal surgery, blackmail, drug abuse.
Sounds like a great show.
So far best new show of the season.
I'm glad it's a prequel so I don't have to know anything about the other shows.
Also, an anime set in the late 60's is always a plus.
That was a super catchy OP.
Well that was pretty neat, please click for source shows have always interested me, so it;ll be neat seeing it in anime form.
I wish they would have shown him actually doing some the work, maybe future episode.
Hazama seems like a great MC.
Maiko is nice too.
Oh wow, and a pretty great ED.
I think I'm going to really like this show.
So at the beginning couldn't the kid just abandon the bike and the people get out of the bus?
Maybe there was less time than decks casino montreal blackjack many in how seemed because it felt like they had all day.
The music when he started the surgery was really good.
I thought it was a bit odd that they didn't really show the surgery though.
Though I get kind of blackjack (anime) ep 1 with that kind of stuff so I can't complain too much.
The dad frustrated me at the end.
The guy saves your kid's life and then you just back off on a deal you made.
I wonder who's talking care of the post op care.
Yeah, that beginning part really pissed me off.
All these adults are standing literally 2 feet from the kid, and none of them has the balls to jump over the railing for a quick second and get him out of there?
If anime taught me something, karma is a bitch.
Then again, anime also taught me that MCs in Shonen anime have patience of a god to seek the least violent route, no matter how fucked up the villain is.
Sorry if this is a bad place to ask but I'd like to check before I go into a show that I know nothing about.
No need for enjoying the show IMO.
I watched and read the original so I would enjoy it as a prequel how he was what he was, but you'll enjoy it differently.
That OP is amazing.
Nothing like bombings, gunfire, and death to go along with a happy pop song although I do actually like the song.
I've only read a few volumes of the original material, and I liked blackjack (anime) ep 1 a whole lot.
This was a decent opening episode, and I like that it's setting up for interesting moral decisions, which was a big part of the source material.
I do hope they go into more details for later surgeries though.
And that they keep the manservice in, that stuff's hilarious.
Edit: Oh, and I really liked the ED.
Really interesting seeing the character designs vs their 40 year old counterparts.
A Black Jack series without the annoying "kid" sidekick?
Hell yes, sign me up.
Pretty funny reading some of the comments in this post complaining about the realism.
Black Jack once performed surgery on himself without anesthesia in the blistering heat of Africa while fending off packs of wild dogs by using his scalpels like throwing knives.
Black Jack stories are morality tales about the corrupt medical system, prideful incompetent doctors, selfish patients, and the future of medical science.
Looks interesting enough, but come on, that kid on the traintracks scene was pretty fucking stupid.
He just stood there because his bike was stuck, and the people around him barely did anything to help. they try too hard to make Jack Black Black Jack look cool by making the other characters like the kid's doctor and his parents look ridiculous.
Other than that, this is a pretty thrilling ride.
I can already tell I am going to stick with it to the end, just going by the teaser that is the OP scalpel vs katana lol.
That's actually there original designs though.
A lot of the important characters were redesigned a bit as you can see in the ED but since those were side characters that we're probably only ever going to see in this episode they just didn't bother redesigning them.
The kid mackie onyx blackjack vs apogee duet not have even noticed the train coming.
But yeah, the people were panicking for like 30 seconds and nobody even tried to drag the kid out of there at a point when it would have been 100% safe.
That's like something right out of South Park.
I guess blackjack (anime) ep 1 will be one of those shows where you have to turn your brain off to enjoy it?
Its called the bystander effect.
The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to a victim when other people are present.
And it's really powerful in a group based society like Japan.
Yup, and i think based on tests its a really small fraction of people who aren't effected by the bystander effect To begin with, we establish that interns who expect payment for their practice are violent, shirking jackasses, and our hero clearly isn't like that.
Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.
Also, Maiko is an intern?
But she just goes along with what he's doing without wondering, for a moment, what will happen if this guy she's just met kills a kid by performing surgery he's not licensed to perform, with her help?
I think this show is going to be hilarious.
I also can't believe that he was able to rush out of a hospital with a critically injured child without the surgeons who were going to amputate wondering where the fuck he went.
I think this show is going to be a little too ridiculous for me to like.
I think it might have been the same hospital, but a different more run down section with less ER suitable doctors.
I know about that hospital in the subs; I read that too.
But it could've been just a meaning lost in translation.
That's my train of thought when we're talking about something that would make sense in such situation.
Though yes, I doubt we could use "reason" here to make sense how he moved the kid from one hospital to another.
Meaning, yeah, I agree with you that it's possible click the following article did rush the kid out off a different hospital.
I mean, we're talking about the anime here where people had enough time to drag the kid outside of the train rails but didn't.
Not to mention the fact that a student just performed surgery without the senpai just.
In any ways, like said, I think this show is gonna be hilarious.
And then he acts all pissed off and self-righteous after being "screwed over.
This stuff he is doing is fucking impossible so you have to shift your view from realism to Science Fiction.
And you know how sci fi animes can get.
Compare it to other animes, does it make sense that when world cataclysmic events happen and it just so happens to be that the only saviors that rise up are 13 year olds?
No, but there are shows like that.
So you have to just sit back and be like, okay yea that would never happen in real life, but in a fucking scifi cartoon, shit happens.
Weird shit does happen in anime all the time, but when it's implausible and outright dumb, you can make fun of it.
It's part of the joy of watching it.
I might just be making fun of it because it's hitting typical shounen tropes that other series are guilty of, but so what?
It brings it on itself by trying to borrow gravitas from real-world events in its OP and opening scene, then turning the focus onto a group of characters who are deliberately ignoring, not just that historical context, but the narrative context of what they're doing.
Also, it's not science fiction Ok, maybe you're not quite familiar with Black Jack.
He doesn't extort for the money.
There's a whole very deep philosophy behind it.
He does it all the time in the 2006 series, and sometimes he doesn't even collect the pay.
You're right, I'm not at all familiar with Black Jack, and I'm not particularly curious based on this version; I've stopped watching since episode 3.
If you want to explain what his philosophy is, I'd be interested.
Though, if you're saying that his actions in episode 1 were strongly representative of his established, pre-formed philosophy, Go here can't help but feel there's not much point to a prequel series.
Yeah, I hope the father has an accident just like his son's, tries to get Black Jack to perform the operation and gets refused.
I like the MC so far, click definitely not liking the typical shounen dialogue of commenting how amazing or whatever that was basically spouted out by the female intern for pretty much most of what she said yes I know it's a shounen series.
I'll see where this goes.
She must've said "He's so fast!
How does he do that?!
Well it is the first episode.
That type of dialogue helps to highlight his talent and flesh out his character, so I have no problem with it for now.
If it continues later in the series, then it could be annoying.
Definitely an interesting anime.
Wonder how he got so good if this was his first surgery.
This wasn't his first surgery.
This was his first completion of what was considered a "hopeless" surgery.
My heavens I hope this anime includes the birth of Pinoko.
I highly recommend the other Black Jack series of anyone hasn't seen them.
They might foreshadow but prob won't include.
I read the chinese version of this manga, and it's mostly just its own storyline, but with a few hints and nudges at some of Tezuka's chapters.
A revamp of the classic manga series from Tezuka feature the younger years staring the titular character himself.
The redesign for the characters surprisingly doesn't strike as too odd for me, and I love the neat little touch during the ED showing the before and after.
They do look a lot more bishonen, but given the current trend it's understandable.
It looks clean and polished, but as a whole doesn't really strike as overly unique.
Some of the cuts were badly abrupt as well which took away from the experience.
The lack of actual surgical shots really disturb me as everything are implied instead of shown.
It just felt too sterile.
As for the story itself it's kind of hilarious in several ways.
I simply had too many opportunities to make sarcastic comments on the inaccuracies throughout, from the blatantly ignorant med students to the scrub consultants who didn't even check the wounds before making assessment, to the tiny details like not taping the eyes during procedure.
I get it that they have to overdramaticize for story reasons, but at the same time it just came across as unintentionally comedic for me.
Perhaps the time period it was set in played a huge part in this.
Overall it's a solid first episode, and given my background I had a lot of fun with this set up.
I just hope that the black comedy will still make some appearances in this iteration, and not those battle shonen scenarios that the OP may be suggesting.
With the eyelid tape issue, it's possible that it wasn't yet common practice during the time.
Now I don't exactly have access to full medical journal databases or anything, but I was able to find an abstract on on the topic published in 1977.
As this episode was set in 1968, that would argue against this one particular problem.
Just out of interest, what inaccuracies did you notice?
The med students didn't really do anything medical this episode and the surgeon's lack of assessment could be somewhat justified by his focus on stopping the bleeding and preserving the boy's life, especially since replantation would unlikely to succeed in real life if the limbs were mangled and contaminated.
I did notice some issues such as the lack of irrigation and use of internal fixation of a messy open fracture, unnecessarily flashy scalpel handling, and the overall speed of everything, I also wouldn't have thought an artificial graft would be first-choicebut I personally felt that the show's attempts at accuracy weren't too bad.
That said, I did blackjack (anime) ep 1 the premise of the show i.
The story was probably inspired by the first successful whole-limb replantation, which was done to a young boy's arm severed by a train door in 1962.
Since this show is in the 60s, most doctors around the world would probably still consider it unrealistic, but there click be a few surgeons here and there willing to try it.
I won't sit here and pretend to know a thing about replantation or Japanese surgical procedures, but this whole episode gave me the sensation of a work that was trying to invoke realism but fell a few steps too short of being naturalistic in any capacity.
I like wacky and expressive character designs, but if a series should attempt them, I'd rather it be consistent then attempt a strange mix.
Daisuke Ikeda isn't someone with a big library of works under his belt, so I can't say much about his style, but whatever it was he was doing to try and heighten tension didn't work for me.
Phoenix Wright style EDM took any grit out of the procedure that was already absent from the lack of any kind of actual surgery going on.
I've never read the original so I can't be sure of how accurate it might be, but the age of the material this is based off of might explain why some of the historical stuff isn't as well researched as it could be.
Characters that aren't self inserts?
No way likes this show I quite liked this first episode though.
Looking forward to more.
I hope this does get popular because from the first episode it seems like it really deserves to.
But will probably ignore it because it isn't a harem and Hazama is the closest thing to a monster girl.
As you can see, generic action anime with boobs is much more popular than this or excellent Lupin III.
Can't say I'm surprised, tbh.
Ironically, we can safely and sadly include your name, fellow JoJo lover.
Probably due to its weaker first part, but whatever.
It's the only anime besides Hitman Reborn loved the universe mostly that got me reading all of the manga.
On another note, how is Lupin?
I've seen it a lot and heard of it but never had the time to even read up on or give any of it a watch.
What's the general description of it?
The new series that just aired the other day is my first encounter with Lupin.
I've heard about the series before and from what I gather it's just wacky tales about a world-famous international thief and his friends stealing shit.
Think Ocean's Eleven, but with more comedy.
I knew that much at least, but I was never sure if it was actually worth watching based on that alone.
If blackjack (anime) ep 1 can vouch for it though I'll have to pick it up, thanks!
Or is it more of sequel No I know, but I'm guessing a lot of people are going to just assume they can't jump into it with no prior knowledge.
Heck, it's what I assume myself actually.
I've never seen anything Lupin related before not even the Miyazaki film and I really enjoyed the first episode of the reboot.
They do a good job at showing you enough information about the pre-established setting and characters without diving into full-on expositon or recap mode.
Even looking past the story I'm finding it super fun to watch.
The surgery scene actually made me hard to breathe although they didn't show the actual body parts.
But it's before taxation so the number would be larger.
Good start so far.
I actually watched it with my friend from Hong Kong she watched the older show as a kid who was translating on the go, you know, since Chinese dubs come out literally 1 hour after an episode airs.
Good start so far, apparently it's a great series overall.
About characters in ED.
On the right YBJ characters on these cards, on the left their references from, original figures drawn by Osamu Tezuka who made BJ the original.
It's because of Tezuka's "Star System".
In the original Black Jack, many of his "stars" appeared.
So YBJ applies Star System and these stars are from past works of Consider, blackjack flash free agree, refined in today's standard.
Black Jack was one of my favorite series, and I love Tezuka's works.
Although this wasn't tech by tezuka, still appreciated this blast from the past.
I remember as Kid, reading the manga as I waited at the doctor's clinic.
Let's just say I learned to be much more appreciative and thankful towards my doctors.
This was one series that was very popular in Asia and still somewhat is, because all asians need to become doctors.
Anyway I visit web page really know how popular or well known Black Jack is in the west, but many asian countries near japan- such as Taiwan and china, most people will have heard of blackjack (anime) ep 1 encountered black jack sometimes in their lives.
One big problem with this series is that it can be hard to get into if one didn't know of the original series or have not watched it.
However, it's still kind of weird seeing your childhood being almost sexualized.
Although Hazama was protrayed fit and could fight in the original tezuka manga and series, this Black Jack just The voice actor, does a pretty good job, but i really do miss the old black jack voice actorwith his older, deeper, and more badass voice.
Spin offs of something made by another often don't end up well.
Black Jack was always one of my favorite series, and I hope this spin off won't screw up too much.
His voice werided me out at first but I did get used it to as the show went on.
At least Akio Ootsuka is the narrator.
It is quite a strange feeling knowing how this series end when it barely just begin.
Really looking forward to more.
Best first episode of the season so far.
That was really cool and full of suspense.
The main character rocks.
I sat here with an open mouth when the scumbag father did that to him.
That was certainly very entertaining and interesting, but I feel like they're trying too hard to make Hazama seem cool.
The scene where his hands are shaking afterwards almost felt out of place.
I'll stick with it and see where it goes though.
So those aren't just scars on his body, they look like they still have stitches.
Or does he keep the stitches around because they look cool?
As someone who hasn't watched the orginal series before, I really loved this episode.
Very entertaining and it kept me interested throughout.
It also has a great opening.
For fans of the orginal however, is it fine to start here without watching the orginal?
Also, that kid took so long to get off his bike.
Like just move man, don't try to gently put it on the ground This is pretty ridiculous.
The depiction of the students is appalingly biased, wich is not very surprising considering how narrow-minded the japanese people is.
It's a shame, it looked really interesting, but presenting the 68 movement as badly as this is really a reason to drop this show for me.
I also don't know that I will be able to suspend my disbelief too much with this show.
Im not a gore-hound or anything like that, but have an anime about surgery with almost no blood is pretty weak.
Interesting premise, let's see.
I mean it looks like he'd rather be slinging a 200 pound blade around instead of a scalpel, like he stepped out of the wrong anime.
Escaping a hospital with a patient, doctor drugging up and freaking out about blood.
Unlike the patchwork surgeon, I can't piece together this mess.
I hope yall enjoy, I'm out for this one.
A really promising start.
It had the suspense, the adrenaline, cute girls, a skilled MC who's cheated upon, everything you need to make a good story.
The ED song was pretty good.
I'll have to listen to the OP again to give a better view on it.
YBJ becomes my 2nd anime for this season.
First one being Noragami.
I'll have to be really picky because I no longer have the free time I had in vacations.
I really hope that this turns into something like Shokugeki no Soma, with OP MCs and awesome animations semi-showing off the process.
No matter how I rationalize surgery and operations I still feel uneasy even in Anime.
Yup this really well done and my mind is still shuttering at the lingering effects of that surgery.
But now I'm upset from that old dirt bag.
Back to the OR to amputate the limbs!
I'd watch this for the OP to be honest.
Good to hear some awesome music coming our way just like last season.
That was an impressive first episode.
Characters are intriguing and the surgery was intense to watch.
I had a feeling Hazama was going to turn violent against the father but then the episode ended.
I'll look forward for this every week I was just thinking I'd like to see an anime medical drama and there one is.
Not seen the original series so hopefully this will still be easy to follow.
Enjoyed the first episode, certainly liking that it's got the intensity of modern hospital show.
It looks really cool and I wanna see more, plus I wanna know more about his past of course.
Don't know what was up with the drivers though.
Last I knew if you're stuck in traffic where RR tracks are, you don't park on them, you leave space ahead so the tracks are clear.
It was pretty frustrating watching the kid struggling on the bike with the people on the other side of the gate only extending their arms out in a half-assed way of trying to help and the people in traffic not abandoning their vehicles when the train is clearly coming, but I guess I have to chalk it up to plot time-dilation field and assume it was all happening so fast.
Overall, it seems like an interesting series.
I enjoy the illegal aspects playing into a hospital setting.
I feel like watching a JDrama especially with that opening.
Which not necessarily a bad thing, we'll see.
I remember reading the manga for Black Jack, and liking it very much.
Lets hope this show gets popular so we have more unique animes in the future.
I was initially pretty hyped for this because doctors in anime tend to be badass looking at you Tenmawith the only thing making me kinda skeptical being the seemingly shoujo-ish design of the MC, which I don't mind anymore.
I'm also very glad he isn't a "perfect prodigy" type of MC or so it seems.
I really liked the ending, too.
Don't know if anyone here knows Black Jack lore by heart, are all those characters from the end credits from the manga?
And does anyone think we'll possibly see all of them in the show?
If anything it was cool to see how they appropriated Tezuka's art style.
Cool first ep, love the OP Can't wait to see Black Jack fight a samuraicool use of the time period, lovely animation and I think Yabu is a great foil for Black Jack for some reason.
Don't know anything about Black Jack but this was surprisingly good.
Will see if I stick around for a few more episodes since there are some qualms I have about this one but overall good episode.
So who made the patchwork out of the guy?
What on earth is going on with him chained?
OP and PV has more to talk about than the actual episode, but I am so sticking with this series.
I loved the first episode much more than I thought and I'm curious about whats going on all the same.
Its a unique premise: Medical drama x Civil War x Shonen.
From OP I'm guessing a lot of things: 1 He was sold off to crazy scientists as a kid, and they did it the same guys who still seems to have a hold on him judging from PVbut he certainly admires his body which leads to the next assumption.
He liked his skill and decided to become a doctor.
He was very young at that time so that can't be, but this is a shonen, and that is why the villain in the PV says if not you then who else can do this surgery.
I don't want full spoilers but can you just tell if I'm near the truth with any of these theories?
As its only 17 episodes.
I'll watch it after this series.
How old is Black Jack suppose to be in this?
Edit: Ok that is good enough for now.
I also see him and her in the OP.
If the art wasn't so dated I'd have started the manga.
This is my favorite premier of the season atm.
I've never watched or read anything Black Jack related but I'm guessing himself, he did give some hints on it in the first scene.
Am I the only one that hated this first episode?
Is it just me or the anime is kinda cringe worth?
I really don't get the hype behind this anime.
I'll give it another episode.
I totally agree with it being cringe worthy and i kind of hated it, btw what is up with the one of the doctors and the dad looking like shit?
Of all shows you say you this web page understand the hype for you say Young Black Jack.
Ask that question for a show like OnePunch Man which is extremely hyped and isn't even as good as everyone makes it out to be, Genuinely the worst anime I've seen in years.
This deserves to sink without a trace, and I truly hope it does. blackjack (anime) ep 1 blackjack (anime) ep 1 blackjack (anime) ep 1 blackjack (anime) ep 1 blackjack (anime) ep 1 blackjack (anime) ep 1

Young Black Jack episode 1 English Sub

List of Black Jack episodes - Wikipedia Blackjack (anime) ep 1

ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved Blackjack (anime) ep 1

Black jack anime tagalog targets in for exposure by managers, both be Public. Live casino arundel mills poker reflect real contracts Thus, Black jack 21 ep 1 As ...
Black Jack Karte1 1st Episode: Iceberg, Man with Kimaira. Though inspired by the original Manga, each episode is a completely new story. Characters newly designed by Sugino Akio. Karte: 1 Iceberg, Man with Kimaira In the original story ...
Black Jack OVA intro and episodes 1-2. [Hey guys, sorry.. This 10 episode OVA series, along with a movie, was released beginning in 1993.


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